Sara Harper on Safety Energy Lock “16”

This is article #18 of a series of articles by our IT IS Seminar faculty on the Safety Energy Locks from a Self-help perspective. The series begins in Issue Number 36, Spring 2002, of The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter.

Sara Harper continues the series with her article in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 53, Summer 2006:

Safety Energy Lock 16

Safety Energy Lock “16 came into the universe meaning the basis of all human activities – breaking down of existing forms for new ones.” Harmonizes “the generative functions; skeletal balance; and tonify [tonifies] muscles.” Helps to clear the “head, back, elimination, tension/stress.”

In my early twenties I was driving home one evening from work when a drunk driver ran a red light going sixty miles an hour. I ended up in the hospital with numerous injuries. My mother came to the hospital to be with me and started right in with Jin Shin Jyutsu. The knot on my head started to shrink, and I got tingling in my toes. I had the hospital release me. I went home and started on the path to getting well. I started receiving regular sessions from Mary to get relief from the many injuries that I had.

One of the strange things that occurred from the brain trauma was my left eye would swell shut, and it would impair my vision and it was extremely painful and ugly. I had been going to Mary for almost a year since the accident and most of all the other projects had cleared. i was extremely concerned about my eye, and when I told Mary about how I had to ice my eye to reduce the swelling every day, she had something else in mind for me other than ice. Mary said,“Today we will clear the eye.”

Mary went straight to the opposite Safety Energy Lock 16 area and held her index finger on the tip of the anklebone. The pain was so intense I could barely stand it, and Mary was just barely touching the tip of the bone with her finger. After what seemed like an eternity she moved off the bone and proceeded to clear the entire 16 Safety Energy Lock area. Again it was very tender and I could hardly believe it could be so painful. When I asked Mary about the Safety Energy Lock 16, she said it would help to clear my head and vision.

The swelling around my eye never came back again like that, but on occasion it does swell if I am overtired. I now immediately go to the Safety Energy Lock 16 to help clear the swelling. If you look in Text 2 at the Gall Bladder Flow you can see how this dynamic relationship of “as above, so below” is so beautifully illustrated. To know the Safety Energy Locks as our truest friends and to utilize the Art and to heed their friendly concern is truly Living the Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu, and we can help ourselves out of misery. Thank you, Mary, you have given us so many beautiful treasures. Sometimes when I would lie down for a session with Mary, she would listen to my pulses, smile, and then she would say, “Lucky me, Lucky you, Lucky me, Lucky you!!”

Thank you, Sara.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

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