Jin Shin Jyutsu in “Kindergarten”

Still looking at The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 54, Fall 2006, we find this article by Andrea Eckers – Surberg, Germany, as translated by Regina Enhuber:

Physical education has always played an important role in my daughter Tatjana’s pre-school. Children, however, need to balance their periods of physical activity with periods of CALMNESS. Experiencing the feeling of being calm helps a child to control stress factors in her life and to become more aware of her “self”.

Different relaxation techniques have been part of the daily preschool routine at the “Moosnesterl” in Lauter/Traunstein, Germany, for years. Because of this, the preschool teachers gladly accepted my offer to introduce Jin Shin Jyutsu to the children. Once a month, I teach three groups of about 28 children in one of the preschool rooms. With candles and quiet music, I create a relaxing atmosphere.

My expectation that preschoolers cannot sit still for more than 15 minutes at a time, while listening to me and holding their fingers at the same time, turned out to be absolutely wrong. Even our very first session lasted for about half an hour per group, and now one full hour is barely enough. It is amazing how the little ones remain sitting quietly until the end of the session and even then they do not want to leave. Well, that is why there is Safety Energy Lock 25, right?

While I tell them about the flow of energy in their bodies and their very own jumper cables, the children are sitting on pillows in a big circle. It is noticeable how they relax and at the same time increase their energy levels, their ability to concentrate and to retain information. The few, who at first are not able or willing to do the exercises, are carried and integrated by the energy of the entire group. One by one we then jumper cable our 10 fingers and the palms of our hands, and at the same time get some information about the harmonizing effects of each finger and its benefits for our body and soul.

Intensive EXhaling releases tensions that block or redirect our bodies’ energy flow. Within a very short period of time the children start to yawn, coughing and sniffling begins to cease, some have to use the bathroom, others want to lie down and get some rest, some take off their socks because they are suddenly hot, and some become thirsty…

The children share their experiences with pain or fear, they tell about their mother’s back pain, their grandmother’s stomachache, or their father’s injured finger. Proudly, they report what finger they recommend they should hold and how fast that actually had helped. Meanwhile, we also jumber cable our feet and toes, and even have started with the first steps of the Main Central Flow.

Especially popular are exercises during which the children can lie down. All they need now is somebody to tell them which one is their right hand that goes on the head. They especially enjoy the story about letting go of the shoulders. We always have fun with the demonstrations of the many possible unhealthy positions of our shoulders.

The preschool teachers incorporate our topics in their lesson plans. They do art projects about hands and feet, and talk about the colors and the harmonizing effects of the individual fingers. Most of the children are already able to perfectly enunciate the difficult words Jin Shin Jyutsu. The feedback of several parents shows that at home the children talk about jumper cabling or actually do jumper cable themselves. One mother of two preschoolers told me that her children insisted on having one jumper cabling evening with the entire family. It had to be done with candles and music – just like in preschool. Simply holding his thumb, one child was able to rid himself of severe migraine headaches. Another mother had been battling her baby’s eye infection for two weeks. Her baby accepted both second toes to be held for only five minutes, and the next day the baby’s eyes were all clear again.

The rest of this article is available, as are all issues of The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, at http://www.jsjinc.net.

Thank you, Andrea.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


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