Janet Oliver on Safety Energy Lock 17, Part 1

Janet Oliver writes about her experience with Safety Energy Lock 17 in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 54, Fall 2006:

Living the Art with Safety Energy Lock 17

The phone rang. i picked it up. “Come as fast as you can”, I heard my dear friend Bobby say. “I’ve had a heart attack, and I’m here in the hospital. Come right away.”

Immediately, I went to the airport to fly one hour to Los Angeles. Upon entering the hospital, I was told by the nurses that Bobby’s pulse rate was way too high, over 200 beats per minute. They said that nothing they did was working to slow it down, and would I please help him to calm down and slow down his heart rate. They indicated that if his heart rate did not slow down, he would probably not live.

I found Bobby agitated, wildly upset at having had a heart attack. He had been moved from one hospital to another, and he generally felt that “everyone was trying to kill him.” The nurses looked extremely harried, and I knew his strong, dominant personality had challenged them to the limit. Gently, I sat at his bedside, and held his wrist (Safety Energy Lock 17).

Bobby was hooked up to a heart monitor, so I could watch as his heart rate slowly returned to normal. The nurses came in. “Thank you.” they said. “We were hoping you could help, and when you finish with him, it’s our turn.

As long as I held his Safety Energy Lock 17, his pulse was steady and normal speed. Whenever I let go, his heart rate would skyrocket upwards. So I sat with Bobby for three days, gently holding his wrist and learning the power of Safety Energy Lock 17.

Safety Energy Lock 17 is an ascending Safety Energy Lock, born on the Diagonal Mediator. It is located in the hollow between two joints at the little finger side of the wrist. The Small Intestine Function Energy flows through the wrists at seventeen, and the Heart Function Energy flows nearby at the inner aspect of the wrist. For Bobby, I held the whole area. As the days went by, I held his fingers as well.

Safety Energy Lock 17 is Natural Intelligence, intuition and creative power. I watched these traits emerging from deep within Bobby, as the days passed. He is a singer and songwriter, and he sang new songs that expressed the deep passion in his heart, now soft and open.

To be continued…

All issues of The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter are available at http://www.jsjinc.net.


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