Ascending and Descending Function Energy

In The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 54, Fall 2006, Cristina Minamisawa shares her understanding of:

Skin Surface Ascending Function Energy~Deep Skin Descending Function Energy  

As the Universal Energy “descends” into manifesting/manifested, different levels of densing down and specialization unfold to create and support the function of the manifesting/ manifested body. On the level of these functions the Universal Energy expresses itself in a very specific way.

Born from the seventeen body function energy, these two functions comply with the universal movement of expansion (inhale)/contraction (exhale)…Skin Surface, ascending, inhaling, and Deep Skin, descending, exhaling – however, in a very close relationship to the body.

These two functions mainly support the cleansing and purification of the body. Skin Surface Ascending Function Energy takes care of the solid debris while Deep Skin Descending Function Energy cleanses the liquid and gaseous toxins.

Spirit descends into matter to experience the duality and the density of manifestation. This level, our lifestyle, is the experience of the senses – which involves food, the relationship to the environment, climate, relationship to others in illusionary separateness – so Spirit can know Itself in Its multiple expressions. These two functions help us to process the experience on the level of our everyday life to take back the awareness into Spirit, thus fulfilling Its desire.

Skin Surface Function Energy is a 1st Depth helper, related to 4th Depth – the Depth responsible for the cleansing/purification of the human experience bridging into the 6th Depth. In this sense this function helps us to ascend back to our Life Source (6th Depth); it is presented to us on page 44 of Text 2 – four meaning the four elements that constitute matter. Adding them up, we come to 8, the Magic, the constant connection between Heaven and Earth, the descending and ascending of Spirit experience, the number of the Third Depth, the source of energy to our body, the recipient of the 6th Depth in the Order of Creation.

As this energy circulates through the skin, it helps us to manifest and build healthy boundaries – containing and protecting us in our manifestation – and at the same time, helps us to stand on solid foundation.

On the physiological level, this energy warms the body and harmonizes reproductive projects – in its relationship to the 4th Depth.

Deep Skin Function Energy is a 2nd Depth helper, helping to balance spirit, mind and body. As a descending function it builds and cools the body.

In its circulation, as this energy goes through the first thoracic vertebra, it also helps all the organs – see page 38, Text 1. And as it intermingles with the Main Central Vertical Universal Harmonizing Energy at the first front rib, it holds a relationship to the bust line, helping to clear mental/emotional stress and to re-connect us to our root, the Spirit.

Deep Skin Function Energy is introduced to us on page 45, Text 2 – the four elements, matter and the number of Man (the 1st Depth and 6th Depth number) – a 9, the Humanitarian, one who has lived 1 though 8, and at 9, as the cycle of experience comes to an end, has developed compassion and the awareness of oneness with one another.

Thus, this level of energy that is closest to the physical body expresses the same qualities of the Universal Energy and journeys back into Our Source.

Thank you, Cristina.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

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