All Combined Energy-Timing, Part 7

Cynthia Broshi shares her understanding of All Combined Energy, Pages 43 and 42, Text 2, in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 54, Fall 2006:

“Open your textbook and day-dream.” ~ Mary Burmeister

Page 42 in action. On his sixth day, during circumcision, Benny’s doctor had some difficulty with stitching the tissues together. When I first saw Benny at two weeks old, bleeding was still a concern. He wasn’t sleeping well and he fussed a lot, especially after eating.

Umbilicus Function is leader of 12 Organ Function ages 0-3, and comes home to the Main Central at the reproductive organ. Umbilicus spoke clearly before the circumcision. Benny’s Sun Sign is Capricorn (Umbilicus). He’s the 8th child (8: As above, so below. Umbilicus: bringing Heaven to Earth), the 10th family member (Umbilicus: the 10th aspect of 12 Organ Function Energy). And at birth the umbilical cord was wrapped so tightly around his neck that it had to be cut before delivery. The difficulty with the circumcision was simply one more voice saying, “Umbilicus is coming to spark this family!”

Mary recommends utilizing Reversing and Increasing of 1st Depth when I first meet a new one. At the vibration of Mediator this is a 1st depth time of life. Is the bridge of Mediator able to transport the SOURCE of Trinity to the body? Benny’s Left flow was rocky, his Right flow gummy and thick. I started with the softer side. LEFT – Energy of Generation – was the Source of the project, while RIGHT – Energy of Regeneration – “me” – offered to break down the old. Once the Right loosened up a bit I moved to the Left. It wouldn’t budge. So I returned to the Right, moving from Right to Left periodically, listening to the Right waken and giving the Left an opportunity to hear the Right speak of movement. Once there was a faint stir in the Left, I went to Right Umbilicus.

“No Way!” Benny bawled. I hung in a few minutes, to see if he was ready to let go. “No Way!” Once his Mom had calmed him, we returned to his 1st Depth. This we repeated three times: as tensions melted with 1st Depth, I returned to Umbilicus, and Benny yelled. So I left his Mom with homework: Reversing and Increasing of 1st Depth daily, the first step of the 13 Flow (13 harmonizes relationship of Umbilicus and SOURCE), and fingers and toes.

When I saw Benny two weeks later Reversing and Increasing of 1st Depth now flowed easily. In various ways he was more comfortable in his body; however, his hunger for Umbilicus Function Energy was obvious. Any time his mother started her own self-help he’d cry – if he was asleep he’d immediately waken and yell – and wouldn’t stop until she jumper cabled him. Herein spoke an Umbilicus gift that Benny brought his parents. Umbilicus is a feminine, nurturing energy. Benny thirsted for this connection. In order to nurture him they had to deepen their resolve to care for themselves – he brought the need for separation, “individualizing”. His mother treated him daily, and when it was time for her self-help, she gave him to another’s care. When he was far enough from the jumper cable energy not to sense it, he could be happy while she helped herself.

How long do we treat a one-month old? They’ll let us know. Our first session was fifteen or twenty minutes. Now, in our second session, Benny glided into a blissful sleep while we enjoyed a very thorough 13 Flow for nearly an hour. We continued with a Right Umbilicus Flow. Haltingly, slowly, it moved. Then all of a sudden the sleeping Benny glowed as though made of silk. Peering closely I could see that every teeny-tiny pore of his skin surface held a minute pearl of sweat. 4th Depth unloading! A sure sign the session is over.

To be continued…

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