All Combined Energy-Timing, Part 5

Cynthia Broshi shares her understanding of All Combined Energy, Pages 43 and 42, Text 2, in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 54, Fall 2006:

“Open your textbook and day-dream.” ~ Mary Burmeister

How is All Combined Energy-Timing? “With the intermingling of flesh and consciousness, a profound mysterious transformation occurs.” Within 6th Depth, the Desire to BE, burns the wind of Mediator. The Life-nourishing WATER of our EARTH, Mediator arises within serene mind, reflecting and unifying in every detail the realms of the heavens. The texture of a calm lake is silky: 6th Depth. And how often do we see water so serene? Waters move, in relation to the manifest elements – shapes and forms of earth, heat and cold of seasons – in resonance with water’s own fluid nature. My feelings, a gift of Mediator, transform the reflection and individualize the expression of Trinity: waters rippling, bubbling, gushing, crashing in torrents of precipitating subtly, drop by drop. The light of the heavens are pulled, chopped, mixed, churned, and poured into new form as they cross the threshold of Mediator.

12 Organ Function Energy is a rainbow, emanating from the bending of LIGHT as it particulates (vibrates) through WATER (Mediator). This vibration of the Blueprint is dynamic: swirling, passionate flows of colored light dance time and place into being. Radiating from invisible energy within which the forms of the body emanate, to pathways of invisible energy flowing within the manifested body, perhaps even to form of fluid (as Kato Sensei says) – 12 Organ Function is a rainbow from Universal to Individual. My personality (“consciousness, voice and energy”) comes to Being here. I am manifest as “little – b” breath: receiving BREATH and expressing Self.

At this vibration of Blueprint, matter (flesh) and LIGHT (consciousness) intermingle. Relationship is action in all directions, and as LIGHT intermingles with its child, LIGHT itself is transformed. We see this with the first action of 12 Organ Function as it begins manifestation: Lung Function Energy intermingles with digested food juices. In this interaction, surely some aspect of Lung Function itself is transformed, as well as those food juices. On page 2 of Text 2 Mary lists some manifest forms of energy which may interrupt the harmonious flow of 12 “Individualized” Body Function Energy. If there is a project, then I know that All Combined Energy-Timing is being formed of “Individualized” Body Function Energy whose harmonious flow has been disrupted. Mary says, “Careful attention is then made to find the cause of the result of the disharmony.” Is the cause of this disruption the car accident, anxieties, or genetic material? I can certainly help to harmonize my Being with manifest forms of support – my choice of lifestyle and focus burdens or energizes the flow of energy. Yet Mary says, “Causes are always on the energy/invisible level – effects may be on the manifested level, cause is always on the Jumper Cable level.” CAUSE is 8th Depth. The Jumper Cable establishes a direct transmission from 8th Depth to my Being.

Usually disharmony of “Individualized” Body Function Energy is the effect of a disharmonious Mediator. Perhaps SOURCE is getting stuck in attitudes. My lifestyle is un-doing  Creation. Page 12 in Text 1 illustrates the results: as I grow older, instead of fully manifesting the Star I AM, energy moves backward and I “lose ground”. However sometimes a “disharmony” of “Individualized” Body Function Energy is “caused” in the womb: as my individualized Blueprint develops, a project manifests within that Blueprint. We may be able to trace this to an event during gestation – perhaps the mother is ill, or the energetic support of the father vanishes. The Depths most active in creation during this month may form an “individualized” Blueprint in response (or as activator of?) that event. Page 42 (6: Human Love) speaks of relationship, not blame. WE IS ONE, and parent calls child as child calls parent. “With the intermingling of flesh and consciousness, a profound mysterious transformation occurs.” ...the Human Story, the Journey, becomes Blueprint.

To be continued…

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