Eternal Life Energy, Part 3

Anita Willoughby shares her experience about Eternal Life Energy…in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 52, Spring 2006:


The pituitary, in a trajectory behind the 3rd eye, hangs in the shape of a fig from the hypothalamus and sits in the sella turcica, Latin for Turkish saddle, of the sphenoid bone, just behind the eyes and above the nose. The pituitary is sometimes known as the master gland and controls and directs the other glands. The pituitary gland produces a Growth Hormone which stimulates most body cells to increase in size and divide, but one of its primary jobs is to nurture the bones and skeletal muscles. The Growth Hormone then helps our growth process and helps heal our bones, our vertebra and our skeletal muscles. It is this process which converts invisible sunlight fluid into hormonal or chemical messengers to help the deep layers of the body (4th and 5th Depths). “The pituitary is the gland of light, of the future and of pursuit of the unknown.” (Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen)

The pineal gland, down on a plumb line from the top of the head, is set above and deeper than the pituitary gland and is called pineal because it is in the shape of a pine cone. One of its functions is to measure and respond to the cycles of lightness and darkness, (day/night) and seasonal cycles. “In some reptiles, the pineal is a third eye. In humans, it is activated by darkness and is the gland of darkness, of the past, of ancient memory and the known.” (Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen) Between the pineal and the pituitary glands we have the dance between the past and the future, the known and the unknown, the dark and the light. These 2 little circles and their connection from 7th Depth to our bodies, accessed through 5th Depth in the head, set us up for the present.

Within this mysterious room of the thalamus, in addition to the aforementioned glands, lies the mammillary bodies of which little is known. A definition from an anatomy book, “The mammillary bodies, (little breast) paired pealike nuclei that bulge anteriorly from the hypothalamus are olfactory relay stations.” (p. 392, Human Anatomy and Physiology)

From the work of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen came the following statement, “…working with the glands there was a body that I began to experience in myself and to see in others that lay between the pituitary and the pineal on a diagonal line going up through the nose and through the back of the head. As we got in touch with that body we found that the now, past and future all began to merge. Now, always and never. That was the key into reincarnations and experiences in which time and space merged and yet ceased and continued. At that point the name that came to me was The Guardian of the Perceptions. …a projection of the plan of the southern part of the Temple of Luxor superimposed on the sagittal section of the human head, indicating the position of the principal organs. There was a chamber in the temple that corresponded to the mammillary body in the brain. I keep seeing it (mammillary bodies) in drawings, but it’s not talked about because there’s some truth that’s blocking it.” (p. 57-58, Sensing, Feeling and Action)

To be continued…


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