Eternal Life Energy, Part 1

Anita Willoughby shares her experience about Eternal Life Energy…in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 52, Spring 2006:


For many years I have gazed at this page; for many years, clients have been sent my way with projects on this page. It wasn’t until a few years ago, though, that I truly noticed and became aware of the simplicity and power of this page (page 41, Text 2). It was a profound experience in my life which brought awareness of the two little circles, one between the eyes at the level of the 3rd eye and the other just beneath the nose and above the mouth. It was this experience, this page and those 2 little circles which helped me experience on a visceral level, the Light of the 7th Depth which is showering down around all of us, 24/7. We know from its title, that this is all about VERTICAL energy. it is the down halo of light, in which we all stand, and like a ballerina, our dance of life is one long pirouette within that cascading shower of light. That light is not only showering down around us 24/7; it is also entering and being processed in our bodies through those two little circles and descending down our bodies, both front and back.

Allow me to regress for a moment back to the story which for me embodied page 41, Text 2, 17. Anterior-Posterior Vertical Harmony Energy (Eternal Life Energy). It was an intense and premature spring. Here in New York City we had 80-85 degree weather for a week. The New York Times announced the Cherry Blossom Festival at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. With the spring fever that ensued from this dramatic weather change, I ventured out one Saturday with friends to see the Cherry Blossom Festival. Upon arriving, we walked first under the canopy of the cherry trees and stepped on the velvet petals which had fallen on the long walkway. The air was heavy with a muffled quietness; we felt enveloped and nourished by invisible arms. As we wandered further into the Garden, we discovered the lilac grove was in full bloom. There were lilacs of various shades of purple, from deep purple to lavender, with a few white bushes sprinkled throughout the terrace. The panoply of color was amazing, but even more astounding was the fragrance of each of the different varieties of lilac bushes. As we inhaled their fragrances, the intensity of the flowers’ colors deepened. All our senses were heightened.

From the lilacs, we headed toward the azalea garden and along the way encountered the wisteria in full bloom, with its light lavender bunches of flowers hanging like succulent clusters of grapes along the arbor. These, too, released their scent, and as we passed under the arbor, the fragrance was wafted our way and ushered us all the way into the azalea garden. There we were greeted with splashes of brilliant color ranging from light to dark pink, to purple and magenta, and melting into oranges and reds. As we passed out of the garden, we again walked under large arbors, wrapped with wisteria vines. Our senses were saturated, between the vivid colors and the strong fragrances, we were elevated to another dimension.

To be continued…


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