Dialogue with the Body

Cristina Minamisawa shares her thoughts about listening to our bodies in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 52, Spring 2006:

Our minds, eager for new information, are always searching for answers to questions like:

“What to do for…?” “What is the most correct flow for…?” We look for the answers in our notes, we ask our friends, we discuss “case histories”. This is a valuable activity – part of the 99% perspiration Mary refers to. However, are we reminding ourselves that each one of us is the individualized expression of the Dot? …that we are unique and whole? …that it is impossible to be molded into a diagnosis, or a template or a protocol? Are we remembering that Mary says, “To be the Jumper Cable is just to be the spectator?” Does this mean that we do not need the information, the knowledge?

The Art tells us about non-separation, the Diagonal Mediator is a gift from the Creator to help us overcome the false duality, the false choice between this or that and transcend to this and that. It is not a matter of either information/knowledge or intuition and surrender into the 7th Depth, but integrating these levels into one intention and action.

How does this integration happen in our practice when we face a situation where our intention is to be most effective and efficient as the channel for the Creator?

I remember a quote from Evaristo Miranda de Carvalho in his book, The Body, the Territory of Sacredness: “…all these questions find an answer in the person herself. It has to do with a memory that needs to be awakened, with the speech that asks to be listened to and to be danced with. The willingness to listen and see the body as a sacred territory is enough.”

This refers us to a lively dialogue where the learned information constitutes the vocabulary that enables us to listen to this individualized unique expression, where KNOW MYSELF IS, AWARENESS of MYSELF is the invitation to the awakening of the memory, where the JOY of BEING is the music to be danced.

Mary says: “change your focus…” If our focus is to correct, we look at the body and hear the pulses looking for the “culprit”, our sight captures the disharmonies and what is wrong.

When we change our focus/perspective as we approach the other with an openness to dialogue, we open ourselves to Listening and Seeing the body/being.

The real dialogue demands that we let go of our interpretations and opinions so that we can listen to the manifested speech and all the messages that radiate from the other being. It means unconditional and compassionate acceptance of the other that naturally flows when I accept and unconditionally love myself. Thus it is not a matter of collecting information about what to do, but to understand that the dialogue has KNOW MYSELF AND AWARENESS OF MYSELF as the foundation. Mary tells us that “I am We. All is animated by the same essence of life.”

The dialogue is a space that opens up, where the flow is re-established and the interaction takes place in the NOW. In the NOW there is no “right or wrong”. The interpretations and judgments make room for the trust and surrender into the Art. And as our vocabulary (information) grows richer, the deeper the dialogue becomes. As our awareness expands, more territories will open up in this journey of enjoying life.

Thank you, Cristina.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

All issues of The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter are available at http://www.jsjinc.net.



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