Pages 36-37, Text 2, Descending/Ascending Energy Intermingles and Reverses, Part 2

Birgitta Meinhardt shares her understanding in the article found in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 50, Fall 2005:

“Pages 36-37, Text 2, Descending/Ascending Energy Intermingles and Reverses”

More on the story…

Safety Energy Lock 13 is “Awareness and understanding of the UNLOADING…and RECEIVING…of the BREATH of LIFE (which) will help one to develop a more thoughtful and more all-embracing KNOW MYSELF IT IS” – Self-Help Book II, pg. 36

Safety Energy Lock 11 is “BE the SMILE…unload, receive and tune into the rhythm of the cosmos where there is no-thing…which brings peace and harmony from head to toes, toes to head.” – Self-Help Book II, pg. 32

Safety Energy Lock 25 is “Solutions to all ‘problems’ reside within MYSELF. Self-knowledge IS KEY to all ‘problems’. ‘Problems’ turn into PROJECTS.” Safety Energy Lock 25 will “…harmonize chaotic mind,” which helps in “developing alertness; energetic mind.” – Self-Help Book II, pg. 61

Safety Energy Lock 15,  “Laughter is the KEY to no ATTITUDE, BE the SMILE. BE the dropping of your shoulders, UNLOAD (exhale) and RECEIVE (inhale) in abundance, BE the no ATTITUDE. KNOW MYSELF IT IS…to bring complete mental peace and security; helps to bring forth new ideas and adaptations.” – Self-Help Book II, pg. 40

Pages 36 and 37 in Self-Help Book I…“e. PRETENSE (Cover-up)…wrap thumb and finger around the Little Finger and then around the Ring Finger…2 simple steps revitalize the energy pattern. They remove tensions which cause the attitude pretense…”

Page 36 Self-Help Book III “…RING FINGERS and INDEX TOES…release tension/stress in the chest. It aids the respiratory function…energizing all body functions…bring joy back into one’s being…clearing one’s mind.”

Thank you, Birgitta.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

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