Pages 36-37, Text 2, Descending/Ascending Energy Intermingles and Reverses, Part 1

Birgitta Meinhardt shares her understanding in the article found in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 50, Fall 2005:

“Pages 36-37, Text 2, Descending/Ascending Energy Intermingles and Reverses”

These pages 36 and 37 in Text 2 describe the cause, the roots of all critical labels. The cause is the breath itself – on the unmanifested level – our thoughts, our awareness – Safety Energy Lock 13.



It is the breath which carries our thoughts through the body. With the exhaling we build the body, with the inhaling we clean it. If we do not really exhale, things and thoughts become negative and chronic. If we do not inhale, things and thoughts become critical. At the very least Jin Shin Jyutsu is all about exhaling and inhaling. 36 counts up to nine which means the ending is beginning, if we don’t exhale we can not inhale – which can give rise to asthma. The breath is the ultimate healer the old wisdom tells us. The air, the breath, the thoughts, the “I know” are expressions of the MAJOR VERTICAL MAIN CENTRAL, the big BREATH of life, the Supervisor, the LUng Function Energy, the little breath of life, the 2nd Depth.

A simple way to harmonize the Supervisor is to jumper cable Safety Energy Locks 11 and 25 to support and clear the back of the body which helps the front, and to jumper cable Safety Energy Locks 11 and 15 to clear the front, the exhaling, to help the back to inhale.

To harmonize means to always look at the big picture, to come back into balance. On which side of the scale do I put my awareness, my attention? Is it not possible to exhale because I don’t inhale? Is there tension above waist because there is stagnation below waist? If we look at the lumbar circle, it becomes clearer. Where are my “legs” standing? What is my understanding? What is my point of view? I cannot get well again with the same thoughts that made me sick. It is the energy of the breath which helps me to change in many ways.

To be continued…


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