Margareth Umeoka Serra on SEL 13

Margareth Umeoka Serra (from Sao Paulo, Brazil) offers an article in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter issue from Fall 2005, Number 50 about Safety Energy Lock 13. This, and all issues of The Main Central, are available at

When I think about Safety Energy Lock 13, I am reminded of

  • Cosmic Artless Art to Know (help) Myself
  • Physio-Philosophy (Nature – Effortless Reality)
  • Art of Living, Creator’s Art
  • MAN
  • ROOT
  • Self-Help Book I
  • Self-Help Book II, Page 1
  • Self-Help Book III, Page 1
  • Text 1, unnumbered page 2 and numbered pages 1, 2, 3
  • Text 2, pages 1, 2

Safety Energy Lock 13 (Physio-Philosophy – Awareness of Myself, Root, Bustline) helps us to be aware of a simple way of BEING to help Myself, to help others and thus to KNOW Cosmic Oneness.

I remember Mary’s words on the second unnumbered page of Text 1: “The responsibility for usage of knowledge received is within each one. The meaning of Jin Shin Jyutsu, The Creator’s Art – Effortless Reality (MAN) – explains that this responsibility is to the Creator and to oneself.”

With each new breath I recognize the Greatness of Jin Shin Jyutsu as an Art of Living, to “simply BE the channel through which flows the infinite esthetic power of the Creator”, as Mary says.

In Self-Help Book II, on page 36, we also find Safety Energy Lock 13: “Awareness and Understanding of the UNLOADING (exhale) and RECEIVING (inhale) the BREATH OF LIFE will help us to develop…KNOW MYSELF IT IS…” in a more focused and expanded way. Mary says, “BE the essence in the 36 Divine breaths (9 for Space, 9 for the Source of all sources, 9 for the big “S” Source and 9 for the small “s” source).

“Love thy enemy.” Who are our greatest enemies? We are, whenever we forget who we really are. To hold high 19s and/or little finger and index finger helps me to remember who I AM. Whenever I love myself I love MYSELF – the DOT – and I acknowledge the manifestation of the Macrocosm in the Microcosm that I AM. And if I still cannot remember, I can hold Safety Energy Lock 4 (Self-Help Book II, page 18), the key to the Bust Line, where Mary tells us that: “VISION – Self-change starts with self study. Shallow breathing causes disharmony. Deep breathing results in a loving personality.” Safety Energy Lock 4 is the “window” that allows “light (knowledge) and air (Life-Breath) – KNOW MYSELF IT IS” – to be the child, to be creative, fertile, to be enthusiasm, fire, the Fountain of Youth, to simply BE who I AM, Be the no-Be…BE.

I could go on writing about Safety Energy Lock 13 for the rest of my life just as I realize that Jin Shin Jyutsu is a path for the rest of our lives. Awareness of Myself, Root, Safety Energy Lock 13 is to be aware and recognize that we are studying and remembering the Creation of Humanity through Jin Shin Jyutsu Physio-Philosophy. IT IS to realize that we are ONE, nourished by the same rootless Root. IT IS to realize that the “Path is inside Myself to find that which has no beginning or end. exhale all skepticism, attitudes and inhale abundant joy, laughter and happiness. Keep SMILING and exhaling.”

Thank you, Margareth.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


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