The Lumbar Circle, Part 2

Ian Harris offers an article in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter issue from Summer 2005, Number 49 about the lumbar circle. This, and all issues of The Main Central, are available at

We can also see how it reflects our body by where the organs related to each depth are. At the bottom of our thoracic cavity, just below our Safety Energy Lock 14 (but in the center), sits our Stomach (1st Depth). To the stomach’s right are the Liver and gall Bladder (3rd Depth). In our right upper chest is our right lung (2nd Depth). The right lung is the bigger of the two. In the left upper chest is the (5th Depth) Heart (which is just left of center). Below that is the Kidney (4th Depth). We also have a right kidney but on this circle that area is already occupied by the liver and the gall bladder.

We see here that, as Mary has told us, “I am the microcosm of the macrocosm.” We are reflections of our universe and vice versa.

We have a very lovely picture with this body and these elements, but how do I use all this? Remember, the movement of energizers is clockwise. In this direction, the depths or the elements are taking care of each other. What happens when there is disharmony in one of the depths? The clockwise motion is hindered by this dam and there is no energizing. Instead, the dam starts to cause everything to back up and we get counter-clockwise movement. This Mary calls the order of the burdeners of functions. Again, looking at the elements, we can see how they burden each other when moving n this counter-clockwise direction.

The Water (4th Depth), extinguishes the Fire (5th Depth). The Fire devours the oxygen or Air (2nd Depth). Second Depth is also related to the element Metal. Now, this Metal (2nd Depth) in the form of an axe, cuts the Wood (3rd Depth). The Wood or plant pulls all its nutrition out of the Earth (1st Depth). The Earth then dams the flow of Water (4th Depth).

When everything is moving clockwise in a harmonious fashion, we are getting everything we need, and we are happy and healthy. Mary tells us on Page 2 of Text 2 in the second paragraph: “This perfect harmony may be interrupted by daily eating habits, working habits, hereditary characteristics…” etc. Now we can look at our Lumbar Circle and everything we already know about the relationship among the depths and the elements and see how it affects us and how we can utilize Jin Shin Jyutsu to bring us back to harmony.

To be continued…


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