The Lumbar Circle, Part 1

Ian Harris offers an article in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter issue from Summer 2005, Number 49 about the lumbar circle. This, and all issues of The Main Central, are available at

On page 2 of Text 2, Mary tells us that if there is a disharmony in the body, “careful attention is then made to find the cause of the result of the disharmony”. In Jin Shin Jyutsu we have many areas where we can look for the cause. If we look at our answer sheet given to us by Mary, starting at the top of the spine we have three different ways of looking at this body in increasingly manifested form.

The top portion, the six cervical vertebrae, our six-pointed star tells us about the order of listening to pulses. The pulse gives us information that maybe has not yet manifested in the body. We hear this in the texture of the pulse.

The next portion, the twelve thoracic vertebrae, our five-pointed star, tells us about the order of manifesting of our twelve organ functions. This is developing this body, bringing it into form. Here we have the twelve signs of the zodiac which affects how we come into this world, this body.

Next down the picture comes our five lumbar vertebrae, expressed as the Lumbar Circle. This circle shows us the order of energizers of functions. Here we have the five depths expressed in the five elements. We now have a physical form. The 6th Depth is our unmanifested personal source (Main Central), always receiving energy through the spark (7th Depth) from the Source of all Sources (8th Depth) and delivering it to these five elements that make up this body.

In looking at and utilizing this Lumbar Circle, as with all aspects of Jin Shin Jyutsu, we need to keep in mind two things, movement and relationship. Each depth, or element, is moving clockwise around the circle, energizing the one that follows. So, 3rd Depth (1st lumbar) energizes 2nd Depth, which energizes 5th Depth, which energizes 4th Depth, which energizes 1st Depth, which then energizes 3rd Depth to begin again. So, this clockwise motion around the circle is the order of energizers of functions (3-2-5-4-1).

In looking at the elements, (3rd Depth) Wood (plants) energizes or helps to produce oxygen or Air (2nd Depth) which feeds the fire (5th Depth). This fire, in burning the air, breaks it down into carbon dioxide and Water (4th Depth). The water rains down on the Earth (1st Depth) which then feeds the plants (Wood) to begin the cycle again.

Just looking at the circle and where the depths or elements sit, we can see how it reflects our universe. The 1st Depth or Earth is at the bottom. Sitting on top of the earth are water and wood. Above that are the air and fire.

To be continued…



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