Order of Creation, Part 2

Petra Elmendorff offers an article in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter issue from Summer 2005, Number 49 about her understanding of the Order of Creation. This, and all issues of The Main Central, are available at http://www.jsjinc.net.

The Order of Creation is the dance of the 12 organ function flows and their relationship to the 12 astrological signs. It is the natural sequence of light through the day as every 2 hours an organ function flow is in charge of body, mind and spirit.

At the zenith of the day, at 12 noon, the vibration of water shifts to Leo/Heart function energy, inheriting the powers of the sun. Once again vitality is released. As the powers and presence of the soul have been felt in Cancer, awareness mounts into an abundant radiation of energy – a release to express and create in order to sing the gospel of the divine. In Leo/Heart function energy, every expression becomes a celebration, a worship of the Creator. In the dance of the unfolding of the 12-ness of the light, this fifth star sign represents the culmination of man (five).

Virgo/Small Intestine function energy as the 2nd earth sign will now once again dedicate its skills to be service for body, mind and spirit. With craft, touch and a strong sense of healing the whole-ness of mankind, the energy of the divine, realized in Leo/Heart is surrendered to the improvement of earthly living.

As one half of the circle has been experienced, the focus of awareness is shifting now. For the first time in this journey, consciousness is created through the attention to relationships. The Libra/Bladder function energy provides an extreme sensitivity for harmony to stay in balance. A deep understanding and recognition of beauty in every expression of life is the heritage of this power. Equilibrium is established in every moment anew, by continuously balancing body, mind and spirit. Giving and taking in harmony will be the natural result of this awareness.

Once again the knowing of an air sign is delivered down to the toe/water flows. Awareness is now created through the Scorpio/Kidney function energy. As Libra/Bladder began to explore and open up the realm of relating, Scorpio/Kidney function energy will dive into the mystery of relationship and life to be transformed. An innate connectedness to the currents of life provides the trust in transformations. Metamorphoses and birth/rebirth experiences are under the guidance of the Scorpio/Kidney powers to provide the regeneration and renewing of our lives bringing back unity.

Here Sagittarius/Diaphragm function energy, as a 6th Depth flow, takes over. It is spirit itself that plays out its trust in creation – an abundant ability to see and express the divine in all appearances of life. Like an alchemist, the Sagittarius/Diaphragm focus is on the essence, seeing the underlying pattern of the Creator. The powers of Sagittarius/Diaphragm deliver meaning and truth in every situation and nourish a deep understanding of life and the laws of the universe.

Capricorn/Umbilicus function energy, fuelled by the 6th Depth vibration, will, from the point of view of earth, help to find the place on earth in order to achieve our highest intention. Therefore, being able to serve and function for the greater whole, the story is about ascension – a story of the birth of light in the midst of the densest earthy vibration to rise above limitations.

As Aquarius/Gall Bladder function energy opens up its hemisphere in the middle of the night to the cosmic song of the universe, the experience of Capricorn/Umbilicus is infused now with divine knowledge. Great sudden insight and universal knowledge will make sure life stays true to the message of the 3rd Depth of expansion and growth. Its consciousness is forever altering fixed structures and opening the horizon.

The journey that began with Aires daring to pioneer into a new morning of life, circles now into its completion. With the Pisces/Liver function energy, the fulfillment of all longing is promised – the journey to return home to the Source. Once again a reconnecting to the soul’s desire to melt back to oneness is the driving force. Transcendence and surrender are the skills to allow the smooth flow of life – a melting into the graces of the divine ocean of spirit…only to conquer with new consciousness the dawn of man in the next cycle around with Aries.

Thank you, Petra.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


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