Order of Creation, Part 1

Petra Elmendorff offers an article in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter issue from Summer 2005, Number 49 about her understanding of the Order of Creation. This, and all issues of The Main Central, are available at http://www.jsjinc.net.

The Order of Creation is the dance of the 12 organ function flows and their relationship to the 12 astrological signs. It is the natural sequence of light through the day as every 2 hours an organ function flow is in charge of body, mind and spirit.

While Mary relates the depths on the level of the 6-pointed star to the powers of the planets, it is now the zodiac, with its 12 star signs that corresponds to the properties of the Organ Function Energy. Even though the division of this circle of the zodiac in 12 different segments is given, thus formulating a beginning and an end, in life it is an ongoing flow – one dance, just changing every 2 hours to a different expression. Oneness experiences itself through the 12 archetypes of the star signs and lives out in the 12 organ function flows. Consciousness is created through these 12 powers.

If we study their flow routes, we can also recognize this unity. Oneness in movement creates (in harmony) rhythm – cycles can be defined. For the Order of Creation this rhythm is displayed in the story of the 4 elements, as the dance of fire (chest), earth (finger), air (face) and water (toe) flows.

Coming from the awareness of the “I am” of the Main Central Vertical, the key element of the 3rd Depth will bridge Breath-essence to the birth of the first organ flow, creating the “little b” breath of the Lung Function Energy.

The archetype of every dawn, the first breath in life is represented in the Aries/Lung function energy – birthing into a complete “new” space, expelling and exposing of self to a virgin situation. Consciousness is created by experiencing the self in any given open space. Aires/Lung function energy is the breath as first action of the individualized being.

As one star sign follows the other, it is, as well, an ongoing story of life unfolding. Therefore each next sign following will already carry the information of the previous.

Taurus/Large Intestine function energy begins now to own and take into possession the space that had been opened up and explored by Aries. Formation of the vitality released takes place; substance and values are created for body, mind and spirit. The body as an expression of earth is owned and grounded through the utilizing of the 5 senses.

In Gemini/Stomach function energy, the earthy experience will find its “digestion” through the “mighty powers of the mind” (Mary). Communication and knowledge, quick wit and an ability to allow duality without judgment are skills applied when Stomach function energy delivers its consciousness through bust-, waist- and hipline.

At the toes, these insights become food for the waters of life. And it will be the Cancer/Spleen function energy that will absorb the impressions of light, reflecting on it to transform the experience from the inside. Cancer on a feeling/water level is in this journey the first awakening to the presence of the soul. This awareness is an invitation to come home inside of myself – nourishment for body, mind and spirit, allowing the soul to have gravity.

To be continued…


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