I’m thinking about celebration…

Hello dear readers,

Today, November 26, 2015, is a national holiday in the United States of America: Thanksgiving Day.

History books maintain that when the Pilgrims arrived and settled in Massachusetts, the Native Americans welcomed them, showed them how to grow food and care for themselves in the northeast winters.

The first Thanksgiving.

Time passes, more immigrants arrive from Europe, and they decide they want more. More land, more wealth and so began the slow process of “conquering” the natives, robbing them of their possessions, their land and killing them to the point of near extinction.

“America” grows strong (at the expense of Native Americans). America expands, becomes independent of the British (Revolutionary War), continues to grow and exploit humanity, bringing slaves from Africa and other countries. Then they fight among themselves – North vs. South – bloodshed, bloodshed, bloodshed. Then we have WW I and WW II…condemning the atrocities perpetrated by the Germans against the Jews, but not only the Jews…anyone who threatens what the current leadership has or wants.

There are always wars; the Korean War, the War in VietNam…now the MIddle East, ISIS, warring countries in Africa. Many Native Americans lost their lives fighting in these wars…the ultimate sacrifice for an ungrateful country.

But we celebrate Thanksgiving here in America. Native Americans and other veterans of war, are homeless, sick, hungry and suffering. No feast for them…unless they have a near-by food pantry…food for one part of one day.

I am ashamed.


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