The 8 Finger Poses, Part 2

Cynthia Broshi offers an article in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter issue from Summer 2010, Number 69 about the mudras in Text I. This, and all issues of The Main Central, are available at

The 8 Finger Poses: Gates to an Infinite Art

Sometime during my 3rd day I found that utilizing the pose pictured opposite (finger pose 5, Text I, page 47 and Self-Help Book III, page 14) with the right thumb sandwiched, brought up an all-too-familiar shoulder pain. “I can’t” … “You’ll never” …the law my shoulders seemed to assert. I’d sustain this pose, swimming in its voice, as long as felt suitable, then switched to sandwiching the left thumb, at which the discomfort subsided. On day 4 that old friend intensified its grip as the relationship of Left and Right seemingly reversed. Now the pose sandwiching the left thumb was like putting the “stuck” under a microscope: worlds of attitude and history were illuminated, detail by detail, spirit, mind and body speaking hand in hand. Each time the awareness approached my limit of digestion I’d switch to sandwiching the right thumb, and discomfort eased as emptiness breathed forth.

With every circulation of the 8 poses this one, (Number 5) arrested more and more of my consciousness. 5: erasing fear, manifestation suffused with the 5th Essence: Spirit. Midway through day 5, as I moved from one side of the pose to the other, into the No-thingness that old friend flew. I’ve never felt its presence again.

Finger pose No.V is introduced on page 14 of Self-Help Book III:

Forget to focus on:

  1. Comparing, competing
  2. Judging (being judged), labeling (being labeled)
  3. Trying to understand, trying to find out WHY

No wonder it was a favorite! Mary continues: Keep on SMILING. drop the shoulders and exhale.

I was surprised by how the 8 poses articulate the shoulder joints, subtly and thoroughly as a yoga workout. As shoulders dropped, so dropped the struggle to know or do – and love of those answerless questions – each a spark of innate intelligence – returned. By week’s end my shoulders felt like I’d received 2 weeks of sessions from Mary and Pat!

Simply with self-help, my 11s (the number of 7th Depth, LIGHT) could be free! Safety Energy Lock 11 IS Unloading and Receiving, the power of quick decisions: turn around, and focus on the new.

On the 5th night Uzi called. He’d just returned from visiting family. Could he come see me tomorrow? I hesitated…solitude was luxurious, and my work felt important…yet in his voice a warmth beckoned…”Yes.”

Just as the sun was setting on day 6, just as I finished the last round with the finger pose., Uzi arrived. Mountain, sky and sea radiated liquid color. Before even “hello” he offered his hands to mine…”Will you marry me?”!!!

Who knows what new turn awaits us at the end of a few days with Jiro’s Inju?

These finger poses are all inclusive. BE one’s own testimony. – page 9, Self-Help Book III

Thank you, Cynthia.

Thank you, Jiro.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


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