What Mary says…

After 50 years of constant study, research and perspiration, I am finally beginning to understand. ~ Mary Burmeister

27 bones, 127 ligaments, 34 muscles.

And is not the range of hand limitless?

Wind and seed showed it winnowing.

Light passes from surface to core and back again.

The timpani skin of a black hole reverberates each shape it contains.

Every form that’s passed sings.

All thus, in the simple touch, hearing.

A sum of events pummeling silence pregnant with tune:

time-sprout, catastrophe, triumph tears:

sunrise after sunrise, never the oak’s lit up the same, never’s the brew of wood and wind, fire and air, earthed just so, dancing.

Reach you out from the hide-bound sleep and touch.


~ Cynthia Broshi



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