Blood Congestion, Part 2

From The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, Number 61, Summer 2008, Matthias Roth discusses Blood Congestion which can be found in Text 2, pages 58-59. Remember that this, and all issues of The Main Central can be obtained at

“Blood Congestion”

“2. MENSTRUATION: …function energy arrives at SIDE OF NOSE…” Hmm, reproductive organ…nose…what flow would connect…? Oh, isn’t that just Kidney again! “OVARY BLEEDING: Function energy from buttock which should flow into legs…” Ah, there’s only one from buttocks down the back, same depth: Bladder Flow, that’s right!

3. With any stagnation of food, or indeed of energy in the abdominal region, think of high 1s just as you would have in your early days of simple self-help. A non-secret secret of Jin Shin Jyutsu is that the simple stuff which is such fun for the beginner for its ease is fun for the “advanced” student because he knows it works! When the label becomes more complicated or alarming, we become more simple or we’ll just be playing along with the label! …So high 1s still, even when VOMITING OF BLOOD results. Or stomach? Why not, but remember that not “everything stomach” calls for a Stomach Flow. Read how Spleen Flow, passing over the outer walls of the stomach, will compress it when in overload, which may lead to a sensitive stomach and projectile vomiting. Also study how other organ function energy go through the stomach…

Under 4, remember that ALL elimination is related to 15. Dare we be that simple? As you read of irritation, think of 8s pacifying effects. With left 8 helping the energetic causes of constipation and right 8 those of diarrhea, here’s another simple yet effective helper. Other flows come to mind? By all means, BE the Artist!

The description at 5 shows again how what is described as “blood congestion” must truly be energy congestion. Vertical sack-like accumulations of blood along the scapula would not have escaped western medicine to the point of being completely unknown. Energy congestions on the other hand that lead to bleeding would have. Congestion in the 10 area and a full stomach – congestion in the 14 – will prevent energy (not blood) from accomplishing its “appointed rounds”, up the back, down the front. Energetic damage to the heart is thus prevented by the safety factor of “blood letting” into lungs. Three is in itself a lung specialist. It also sits directly above the congested area and can therefore open a door for the congestion to be evacuated. Furthermore, 3 is the anchor for the fatigue flow which has become affected here.

The final paragraph – HEMORRHOIDS – will hold no mystery if you remember 8s from above (4) and how they help “anything rectal” (anything pelvis, in fact), and recall “energy flow into leg” from 2 above (Bladder). And in passing, the paragraph holds a great reminder about a very basic principle of life within and without: “weaker side will become cause…” reminding us to strengthen the weak side rather than accuse it.

Simple? Fun! Enjoy just staying playful with all of this, and awareness, understanding and application will abound.

Thank you, Matthias.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


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