Blood Congestion, Part 1

My last four posts, written by Matthias Roth, were from his article “Liquified Brain”. In that article, he referred to a previous post about Blood Congestion…seems like a good time to publish that article now.

From The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, Number 61, Summer 2008, Matthias Roth discusses Blood Congestion which can be found in Text 2, pages 58-59. Remember that this, and all issues of The Main Central can be obtained at

“Blood Congestion”

Blood is representative of life and flow. Its composition is wondrous, and its organized circulation supplying vital substances and information to the total body simply inspiring. Bleeding on the other hand tends to alarm most all of us. That vital juice outside its vessels, life-giving order upturned: this is more than many of us can calmly deal with. It is in this context that pages 58/59 in Text 2, “Blood Congestion” deliver a simple message: not to panic when blood appears.

Mary called bleeding a “safety factor”. When under pressure from stagnant energy, the body practices, as it were, its own blood letting. So on the pages we are discussing Mary simply explains where energy is stagnant, and when we can exhale and listen, it soon becomes clear which energy. The “secret message” of these pages is not to forget what we know just because there is bleeding. We already have the keys, the solutions, the “recipes” by the time we get this far in the book. “All we need is the awareness, the understanding”, as Mary loves to repeat in her self-help books.

“When blood stagnates in muscle along spine, pushes over head and toward chest and stops, nose bleeding results.” Note that “blood” and “energy” seem to be used synonymously here, for what blood vessel would go from neck muscles over the head to chest? Blood stagnates as energy stagnates, “congealing” into physical or physically noticeable congestion. What is it that pushes over head, towards chest and stops? Supervisor energy flows in that direction harmoniously, it wouldn’t get stopped here, certainly not by stagnation in muscle along spine. Ah! Nose…neck… Kidney Function Energy harmoniously flows up through the chest, up closely by the nose, to top of head and then down along neck, very close to the spine! If it stagnates there, it will back up and…there you have it. Hence the suggestion when there is nose bleeding, simply to hold 4s close to the spine! Or to use Kidney Flow. Or to be the artist in any other way that seems appropriate once you have this awareness and understanding. Second Method of Correction used close to the center of the body: Ah, that’s why that helps with nosebleeds!

Isn’t it simple? Now can we unfold our awareness, understanding and creativity to make a similar kind of sense of the remaining five points on page 59? A few simple pointers will help us remember that we know enough, as long as we can stay calm even when there is bleeding, and become AWARE of what we know. Lets see:

To be continued…


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