“Liquified Brain” Part 4

From The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, Number 70, Fall 2010, Matthias Roth gives us An article on Liquified Grain Function Energy and Compressed Oxygen Function Energy which can be found in Text 2, pages 60-61. Remember that this, and all issues of The Main Central can be obtained at http://www.jsjinc.net.

“Liquified Brain”

Now for Liquified Grain Function Energy: The initial description of what happens to food is closer to physical reality than what we have read about breath. Just when the text explains that “in kidney…carbohydrates (nutriment) and liquid separate”, it becomes clear that we are once again talking about energetic rather than physiological occurrences. In a healthy body, carbohydrates don’t appear in the kidneys. So we remind ourselves that the descriptions here came into being through Jiro Murai’s sensing of what went on in his body rather than opening a body up and looking within: the felt process, then, is that useful essence is separated from (useless) waste at the kidney.

The part that passes the scrutiny of our Scorpio self (Kidney Function Energy) and is recognized as nurturing,  intermingles with Spleen Function Energy, a friend we know to be the Great nurturer to all Organ Function Energy. It opens our “Gateway to the solar Ethers”, the solar plexus, which provides 7th Depth access into 6th. It also “builds, repairs and protects” my Being’s ability to sense itself in the world, to feel, to take in and sit with any experience, and to partake of the world in that way!

Once this newly combined energy meets its companion, breath essence, at the tip of the third toe, the two join forces and embark upon a rather central journey up. Through that fourth lumbar vertebra, which is key in Third Depth’s Gall Bladder Function Energy, the clarifying Aquarian aspect of your Being, and great “sorter-outer” of things (cf. pg. 40 in Text 2), it rejoins 6th Depth at umbilicus (Earth, or Creation, in Kojiki), there to divide into two flows and, it seems, two levels – one returning to breath essence energy (Compressed Oxygen Function) while the other pursues its ascent to the head (Heaven, or Source, in Kojiki), there to join Breath Essence (Main Central Vertical) in its systematic nurturing of the twelve-energy that we know from pages 42 and 43.

Now all is complete, is it not? Full cycle, Spirit to matter and back, it is the journey that we ARE, the journey we are here to ENJOY! And such is the mystery of life. We who in the formless, are complete, are ALL before we ever come here to become THIS, are nonetheless nurtured, completed, augmented and expanded for having been HERE, for having been THIS, for having fed upon and breathed…experience!

Seen in this way, these last two pages can make you fall in love again with THIS world without ever needing to forget your Formless Essence. Isn’t it FUN?

Thank you, Matthias.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


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