“Liquified Brain” Part 3

From The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, Number 70, Fall 2010, Matthias Roth gives us An article on Liquified Grain Function Energy and Compressed Oxygen Function Energy which can be found in Text 2, pages 60-61. Remember that this, and all issues of The Main Central can be obtained at http://www.jsjinc.net.

“Liquified Brain”

“Breath becomes compressed by Liver Function Energy.” Ah! Had you noticed the overlap between the beginning of Lung Function Energy, described on pg. 10 as being “in stomach” and the end of Liver Function Energy, described on page 34 as flowing “…into lung”? Liver Function Energy completes the journey of the becoming, or manifesting, of Man and sends it off into its next round. It is the diving into wordless (unutterable) Oneness with BEING before we start anew in active, singular individuality as the Aries of the next dawn. Third Depth is indeed the “beginning and developing source of Life”!

From this understanding, the overlap at the turning of Liver Function Energy into Lung Function Energy, rather than seeming incongruent, appears as the appropriate place for the “compression”  of breath to occur – its transformation into energetic essence. Liver, “the closest thing to the Creator that Man can conceive of”  (Paracelsus as quoted by Mary), “compresses” or “liquifies” the essence of what and how we have breathed, i.e., it derives from it usable vital energy. This nurturing, renewing essence emerges to central 9 from where it makes its way down through the body to a toe we already know to be a nurturer: the third toe, which is a key in the Stomach Function Energy. Here it meets up with the energetic essence derived from food, Liquified Grain Function Energy.

Take a moment to ponder the relationship between Breath Essence, 6th Depth, Source-of-Life-Energy, brought into manifestation through the (little) source of life energy that is 3rd Depth, to build the vessel for physical breath, the lung. The essence of physical breath then is “compressed” by that same 3rd Depth and ultimately taken back to center, the big Breath of Life. From Source/Breath/through source to breath and back…quite the journey we were talking about in the first paragraph, or in the first two!

To be continued…


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