“Liquified Brain” Part 2

From The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, Number 70, Fall 2010, Matthias Roth gives us An article on Liquified Grain Function Energy and Compressed Oxygen Function Energy which can be found in Text 2, pages 60-61. Remember that this, and all issues of The Main Central can be obtained at http://www.jsjinc.net.

“Liquified Brain”

Return to your understanding of numbers from Self-Help level and add to that some body awareness in those places where the Safety Energy Locks live: with 1 being the original exhalation, energy into matter, living at the knee where we bend, 2 is the first receiving, the original arising of matter into spirit. Two lives at the edge of the pelvis and opens this basin into which the abundance of life is received. Held here, released here, the abundant nourishment of Life – awareness, food and experience – becomes fertile and begets all of existence.

Steeped in this understanding from Self-Help Book II and our learning of the meaning of the Safety Energy Locks, let’s continue – we have only just commented on sentence 1, on page 60, Text 2.

The next three sentences speak of Heaven, Earth and Man, of 13, 15, 14 – of struggle, and of peace. We won’t go into the Three Methods of Correction here (but we could!), not into Ectoderm, Endoderm and Mesoderm or Surface, Deep and Middle Flows, we’ll simply note: “Beginning” of food essence and “ending” of breath essence meet at central 13. “Beginning” of breath essence and “ending” of food essence meet at central 15. And any struggle between them will take place in central 14. The message is old, and reliable: any imbalance between Heaven (13) and Earth (15) will show up in Man (14) as a struggle. 

And we won’t go into page 4 of Text 2 here, but we’ll just remember that page’s insistence that whoever wins in a struggle will cause the entire system to fail.

As we read on to the next page, “PRODUCTION AND CIRCULATION OF COMPRESSED OXYGEN FUNCTION ENERGY AND LIQUIFIED GRAIN FUNCTION ENERGY”, we find that the terms “beginning” and “ending” on the previous page are not quite right: not “beginning” because the coming into being of the two functions is described differently here and not linked to the two spots mentioned; not “ending” because they don’t seem to end at all but rather flow on endlessly.

“Breath through nostrils ascends into head…” Like in our discussion of Blood Congestion some time ago (Issue #61, pg. 4), where “blood” in many contexts seemed to stand for “energy”, we find the description of what “breath” does to sound, rather like a description of where we FEEL the breath and its immediate effects if we follow it with any awareness. An energetic awareness of the breath seems to be what is described here rather than the physical flow of air, as what is called “breath” here only rejoins the trachea after the third thoracic vertebra.

To be continued…


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