The Dance of the Eight Magical Mudras, Part 3

From The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, Number 70, Fall 2010, Anita Willoughby shares her experience throughout the movement of the mudras in Text 1, page 47:

…Magical Mudras

In the sixth mudra, the activity of life is merged and sealed with breath, the fundamental activity and rhythm/movement of life. The sixth mudra seals the thumb with the ring finger, establishes or draws forth the Breath of 6th Depth. The ring finger is 2nd Depth, and the Lung Flow envelops the thumb. The number six is the number of balance. And according to the Chinese, “Six Breaths produced all things in silence.

The seventh and eighth mudras bring both left and right sides together again through the middle finger. With the seventh mudra, we bring the palms together, left and right sides joined, middle fingers extended, and we exhale. No sooner have we exhaled and come together as one microcosm of the macrocosm on planet earth, than we inhale, roll the tips of our middle fingers – back sides together (heaven world), and ascend from the earth back toward heaven on the eighth and final mudra.

We begin the mudras with an exhale, (descending to earth) and end with an inhale (ascending to heaven). We begin and end these eight mudras by completing the movement of the breath, down the front and up the back. The first two mudras and the last two mudras are focused on the middle finger. The middle of anything is the harmonizer. The middle of our body on the vertical axis is the MCVUHE (Main Central Vertical Universal Harmonizing Energy), the spine, the middle finger of our hand, bot represent our MCVUHE and is our 3rd Depth.

Third Depth is the binder, which binds “that which is above to that which is below.’ Third Depth has a special relationship with the Diagonal Mediator Universal Harmonizing Energy, the activity principle. By sealing and drawing forth delight through our middle fingers (both at the beginning and at the end of these eight mudras), we have gone beyond the limits of the earthly plane to connect to infinite possibilities.

To become the creator of our lives, we have to become magicians. We have these eight mudras to help us in this process. Memorize the dance of the eight mudras until their movement becomes second nature to create miracles in our lives. When we practice these mudras, we are in the rhythm of creating and recreating our lives.

The Magician is the second card in the Tarot deck, with the numerical value of one. The Magician has a figure eight, the infinity sign, as a halo directly above his head; one hand holds a wand and reaches toward heaven, the other hand points toward earth. Become the Magician, practice the mudras to create movement, music and miracles in life. This whole process is still a mystery, which our mystics have pondered forever.

These mudras facilitate the moment when breath creates space in matter, time begins and the miracle of life unfolds.

Thank you, Anita.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


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