The Finger Sequences in Self-Help Book 1, Part 2

In issue Number 67, the Winter 2010 issue of The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, Mona Harris writes about the power of using the finger sequences on a daily basis. Self-Help Books 1, 2 & 3 can be purchased at

WORRY: We start with holding the THUMB (for overcoming the worry attitude – and/or look at Text 1, page 38, TV 1), then we wrap thumb and fingers around MIDDLE FINGER (relation to the middle toe, that’s where the Stomach Function Energy ends) and we end the sequence by holding the LITTLE FINGER (look on page 38 in Text 1: TV 11 is harmonized through the little finger which helps Spleen).

FEAR: We start again with the THUMB (this time it has to do with the flow pattern of the 4th Depth flows: Bladder Function Energy becomes Kidney Function Energy at the little toe – which relates to the thumb), go on with the attitude finger itself, INDEX (see also Text 1, page 38: Lumbar 2) and end with the LITTLE FINGER (Text 1, page 38: Lumbar 5 is being helped by holding the little finger).

ANGER: In order to harmonize our anger, we need to calm the 5th Depth first by holding the LITTLE FINGER (relating to the big toe, where Gall Bladder Function Energy becomes Liver Function Energy), then we go on to the RING FINGER (Text 1, page 38: TV10 is related to Gall Bladder) and finally we hold the “anger finger” (MIDDLE FINGER) itself (look also in Text 1, page 38: TV 9 has a relationship to Liver).

GRIEF or SADNESS: Our Second Depth has the texture rocks and rods, the hardest texture of all. Maybe that is the reason why we get more helpers to break it up. We have more Safety Energy Locks in Second Depth than in any other Depth, and we get more fingers to hold to harmonize the attitude: THUMB (that’s where the “individualized” Lung Function Energy flows into), INDEX FINGER (that’s where the “individualized” Lung Function energy flow becomes the “individualized” Large Intestine Function Energy), MIDDLE FINGER (Text 1, page 38: TV 3 – Lung Function Energy, and Lumbar 3 – Large Intestine Function Energy) and finally the RING FINGER (Self-Help Book 1, page 11).

PRETENSE: We start by holding the LITTLE FINGER which combines several levels: it is the attitude itself, it is the finger where the Heart Function Energy becomes the Small Intestine Function Energy and it has a relation to Text 1, page 38 through TV 5. As this one finger combines all these different levels, there is only one other helper needed to harmonize 5th Depth: RINGER FINGER (Lumbar 4).

“Attitude is key to our harmony with the universe.” That’s how Mary starts PROJECT No. II – ATTITUDES on page 21 of Self-Help Book I. Key being the element of Third Depth reminds us of the Mediator, which is “the cause for disharmony in the body” as she states on page 18 in Self-Help Book I. Looking at the circulation pattern of the Diagonal Mediator, we can see that it circulates through thumb and little finger. That could be another reason why Mary includes in each sequence either thumb or little finger. For harmonizing 1st and 4th Depth (energy of regeneration), both fingers are utilized. Simple, isn’t it?

Thank you, Mona.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


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