The Finger Sequences in Self-Help Book 1, Part 1

In issue Number 67, the Winter 2010 issue of The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, Mona Harris writes about the power of using the finger sequences on a daily basis. Self-Help Books 1, 2 & 3 can be purchased at

On page 10 (vehicle of the outpouring of limitless Life-Power) of Self-Help Book 1, Mary introduces us to “PROJECT II” which is “to be applied daily” in order to overcome attitudes. I remember holding fingers from the very beginning of my jumper cable days but somehow it took me years before I even looked at the sequences themselves. After some discussions with my LTA colleagues these sequences finally started to make some sense. But it was only when I started using them regularly that they revealed their power.

On pages 22-37 we find out that we can hold a sequence of several fingers in order to harmonize each attitude. In total we will be holding 15 (“wash our hearts with laughter”) fingers on each side of the body. Mary uses 16 pages (16: “breaking down of existing forms for new ones” – breaking down my old thoughts, my attitudes!) to show all the figures/fingers to hold. Mary calls fear the “core” of all attitudes, which might be the reason that we get an extra drawing of the index finger (which is a “quickie” for Fear and not part of the attitude sequence).

In order to understand each sequence, let’s have a look at the relationships involved:

  • attitude level (page 10 in Self-Help Book 1)
  • harmonizing vertebrae for organs through holding fingers (Text 1, page 38)
  • beginning and ending of the “individualized” Organ Function Energy pattern (see Text 2)
  • opposite finger-toe-flow (Text 1, page 46; Self-Help Book 3, pages 18-40) in relationship to the beginning and ending of the “individualized Organ Function Energy pattern
  • flow pattern of the Diagonal Mediator Universal Harmonizing Energy

With this information in mind it is easy to figure out each sequence and its importance for the addressed attitude.

To be continued…


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