The Depth and the Spiralling Circle, Part 3

Mary chose our instructors with such wisdom, and we are blessed to have access to their thoughts. Each one is happy to share their journey with us so that we may KNOW MYSELF BE IT IS, IS.

Waltraud Riegger-Krause shares part of her awareness and understanding with us in the Fall 2009, issue Number 66, of The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter. You may obtain your own personal copy at

The Depth and the Spiralling Circle

5th Depth

It is in the 6th Depth where the primordial fire and the spark of life begin to glow. This fire touches our heart in the Fifth Depth. It becomes our smaller fire of the heart and helps us to become that wonderful human being that we are, without trying to’s, without pretense, being true to our Self. This Depth is related to the Spiritual Body, which gives us the ability to develop spiritually and become who we truly are.

4th Depth

The energy continues to dense down and forms the 4th Depth. This is the Depth that is connected to our potential and to everything that we bring into life from our ancestors. Here our entire life path is imprinted – every experience that is necessary for us, from birth to death. As Mary said, the 4th Depth is the controller of human destiny; it is the most important Depth to harmonize our lifestyle. It is related to the Higher Mental Body, the cosmic intelligence, which enables us to develop wisdom. “Wisdom comes from inside out, whereas knowledge comes from outside in.”…is one of Mary’s quotes.

Oftentimes, we don’t live according to our inner abilities, but we fulfil the dream of our parents, or we follow the ideals of our friends. We don’t trust our own potential, we don’t see the gifts that creation gave us, and sometimes we think we are not good enough, which only comes from fear. 4th Depth is connected with the power that brings us in touch with our inner wisdom and with our intuition, to recognize our goal in life and to harmonize our lifestyle if we follow the “wrong path”. And sometimes we don’t always know our path.

Then it looks like it comes from outside, that we are thrown into a situation or we get sick, so we understand that we have to change something. Those lessons are hard in that moment and often only later do we understand why it has come that way. And then we will be at peace with it. This is all connected to the energy that becomes Kidney and Bladder Function Energy.

To be continued…


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