Kindness, Part 1

Mary chose our instructors with such wisdom, and we are blessed to have access to their thoughts. Each one is happy to share their journey with us so that we may KNOW MYSELF BE IT IS, IS.

Michael Hakuzan Wenninger shares part of his awareness and understanding with us in the Fall 2009, issue Number 66, of The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter. You may obtain your own personal copy at


“The only breath we can ever be is the breath we are.”

In Part I, “Being the Breath”, Mary’s quotation offered us the wisdom that the present moment is where our lives actually reside and that residence manifests not in a future that never arrives or a past that no longer exists, but where the combination of our reality actually occurs…in the breath we are. This understanding creates the realization we are all One.

When we finally know in the deepest recesses of our heart we are all interconnected, all interrelated, we no longer see or experience separation of self and others, but integrated wholeness. All events, functions, life’s varied manifestations unfold together. We realize what we say and what we do to others also affects us. Out of this Oneness naturally evolves enlightened kindness, and the essence of this kindness is unconditional love, a complete opening of heart and mind. Kindness is offered from a genuine concern for the welfare of others without any discrimination of who is worthy and who not yet qualified. One sees a need and responds without hesitation, without an intervening thought of deciding between this or that. Then one doesn’t think about being kind, one is just being kind. Kindness is just kindness being itself. That is the nature of kindness, its purpose and its meaning. This is the presence of mind offered to our practice and our practice a measure of its development. Yet, where and when do we learn this compassionate kindness? Who are our teachers? Certainly our parents, school teachers, family relatives, friends and social institutions can provide real teaching. If we are exceptionally fortunate, however, our path crosses that of a gifted and enlightened teacher, someone who manifests transcendent wisdom, a teacher who sees directly into our true nature. That first authentic teacher for me was Mary.

To be continued…


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