I’m thinking about the wind…

Thoughts on a Poem

The Wind took up the Northern Things

And piled them in the south –

Then gave unto the East and West

And opening his mouth


The four Divisions of the Earth

Did make as to devour

While everything to corners slunk

Behind the awful power –


The Wind – unto his Chambers went

And nature ventured out –

Her subjects scattered into place

Her systems ranged about

Again the smoke from dwellings rose

The day abroad was heard –

How intimate, a Tempest past

The Transport of the Bird –

 ~ Emily Dickinson c. 1868

Wind can be seen as an expression of 3rd Depth (Vibration, blending all the Depths) and of Mediator (the Activity Principle). Spring winds – sometimes relentless in their force – blend air, sun, rain and earth, spurring all creatures – plants, animals and humans – to life. Asian medicine speaks of the Winds that bind the senses to the body.

~ Cynthia Broshi -The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter Number 64, Spring 2009



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