Nothing’s Happening, Part 1

In the Spring 2009, Number 64 issue of The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, Jed Schwartz shares a story about the evolution of his awareness of and through the Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu. I have been on the same journey and identify with much of Jed’s own experience and understanding…perhaps you will, too! As always, you can obtain a copy of the Main Central at

Do you remember your first Jin Shin Jyutsu class? My first class was in 1981, and I was sitting in front of Mary Burmeister in New York City. I did not really know anything about Jin Shin Jyutsu at that time. As Mary began to tell stories of her and others’ experiences with Jin Shin Jyutsu, I became filled with the awe and the unlimited possibilities of this practice. Each page of the textbooks had another amazing story of someone’s recovery or rapid healing from an incurable disease.

I began to think of all the people that I knew who needed help. Now there was a way for everyone to get well. I could not wait to let people know and to go to and treat everyone. I became a Jin Shin Jyutsu evangelist from the first day of class. Watching Mary as she worked on students in class and seeing for myself these incredible things happening, I became even more excited.

With this first class behind me, I began treating friends, family members, co-workers – any and everyone. The thing is, I did not see these same changes that I heard about. In fact many people did not get better from the treatment. I began to doubt myself. I knew that Jin Shin Jyutsu worked, so the reason must be me. Everyone enjoyed the treatments but I did not get those miraculous healings – where people get off the table and begin jumping up and down, praising the Lord that they could now walk or talk or fly. What was wrong with my treatments?

The first thought that began to go through my mind whenever I would start a treatment was, “If only they could have Mary treating them.”

I returned to class each year and would be recharged. Like a little innocent child I would again go out and expect a miracle with each and every person I treated.

Twenty-eight years later, I continue to hear about many amazing miracles, and I now see many myself in my practice and in classes. My viewing place of healing has changed a bit, and my understanding has grown about what is a miracle, a healing, a change. What I am expecting and looking for is now quieter, more invisible. Healing starts inside and may not see the light of day for a long time – a lifetime or many lifetimes. The outer disease may be necessary in order to grow, to see the truth of how we are actually living.

I am no longer waiting for the drama of Healing. I am listening and watching and praying for God to flow through me and through the one I am touching. I am letting go and knowing that I am not the doer, but the observer. It took a long time for Mary’s words to go into me, although I heard them from the beginning of my first class.

Things take time to develop in me and in those that come to me. I look to treat more frequently when possible, to feel more movement each time, to notice the attitude that is holding back the flow, the fear that we need to hold onto until the fear is gone.

Our experiences from past lives, the karma that we carry from those experiences, our birth family, the environment, our nations and our beliefs – these are all carried within us. How to let go and flow is the journey. Each step gets us closer to the goal. Physical healing is not the goal but a piece of the journey or a stop along the way.

To be continued…


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