Sestina Numerology

In the Summer 2009, Number 65, of The Main Central Jin Shin Jyustu Newsletter, Cynthia Broshi submitted the poem About Pulse Listening to help our understanding ~ that was posted yesterday.

Cynthia asked Carlos Gutterres to comment and here is what he had to say:

Commentary on Cynthia Broshi’s poem on page 2 (About Pulse Listening)

In the 12th century began an artistic movement to rescue the ancient wisdom, for example: Parsifal from Wolfram von Eschenbach.

The sestina is made by 6 stanzas of 6 lines,

it means we have a deep relationship with the number 36.

36 is the magic square of the Sun:

6  32  3  34 35  1

7  11 27 28  8  30

19 14 16 15 23 24

18 20 22 21 17 13

25 29 10 9 26 12

36  5  33  4  2  31

They believed this magic square had the power to manifest in this world the qualities of the Sun (Light and Vitality).

NOTE: I believe this a good reason for Mary to indicate the 36 breaths.

The final stanza of 3 lines indicates where we want to manifest those qualities: spirit (1), mind (1) and body (1).

If you add the numbers of any line, column or diagonal of the magic square you always will find: 1 1 1 .

The sequence: 6 – 1, 5 – 2, and 4 – 3, is related to another very important manifestation of the 6, the cube.

The opposite faces of any cube always will be:

6 and 1,

5 and 2,

4 and 3.

If you add the numbers expressed in the opposite faces of a cube, you always will find 7, the number of the Depth ruled by the Sun.

Thank you, Carlos.

Thank you, Cynthia.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

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