I’m thinking about the light…

…from one of my many sources of encouragement and enlightenment:

In my dream the other night, my teacher of blessed memory Reb Shlomo Carlebach asked me to give a Dvar Torah on the spot. Sometimes he would do that when he was alive. The room was crowded and I was unprepared. But I stood up and the following words came out of my mouth.  I remembered most of my words upon awakening and wrote them down as best as I could. It was an unexpected delight for me to see Reb Shlomo in my dream.
” There is a Light that is revealed in the presence of darkness. It is revealed because of the darkness that surrounds it. Without the darkness, the light could not be seen.”
” There is a greater Light that is hidden and concealed by the darkness. The darkness is simply a cover for this greater light until we have the vessels to receive this Light. This Light has to be excavated from within the darkness through mitzvot, prayer and meditation.”
This Torah was teaching me that the darkness I perceive today is just a cover for a greater light. I received intuitively the following message. Do not fight the darkness as I have been doing but rather excavate the light hidden within the darkness. The darkness has no real substance of its own. When we have the vessels to receive this greater light, the darkness will vanish.  HASHEM MELECH.

Melinda Ribner Miriam@kabbalahoftheheart.com


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