Text 2, Stages of Life in a Human Being, Part 3, Over 64 Years Old

We have been looking at The Main Central publications that offer great insight into the contents of Text 2.

Issue Number 68, Spring 2010 continues a series of articles about the stages of life in a human being from page 42 of Text 2, authored by Iole Lebensztajn.

Today we will continue with that series:

Stages of Life in a Human Being (Continued)



“My service doesn’t need to be something grand and “important”. A simple and sincere smile can change the lives of others. Incidentally, Umbilicus Function Energy returns to Main Central Energy at the area of Safety Energy Lock 15, which helps us wash our hearts with laughter. When we are able to face life with a sense of humor and our hearts are clean and light after all the experiences of life, we can radiate Love and Blessings around us. What an effortless and necessary contribution to the world!

Life is about periods of some stability alternating with periods of change and transition., with opportunities for us to grow, restructure ourselves and to be less egocentric. Not everybody will face the transitions in the same period of life. Neither will all transitions bring growth. They can result in depression, blockage or regression to a previous stage.

In general, we observe that since birth until the Stomach time, 14-16 years old, almost everybody goes through all the stages of development in a very similar way. This also happens in old age. However, during adulthood the variety is infinite in terms of how each one lives life. Somehow, from Umbilicus time (0-3 years) to Stomach time (14-16 years) we go through “half” the journey, because we have experienced 6 of the 12 Organ Function Energy stages. We are getting ready to start the adventure of creating our own life, growing in autonomy. Somehow it is easier to notice a developmental pattern that happens to nearly everybody. From Spleen (17-24 years) to Diaphragm (57-64 years), the other “half” of the cycle, the range of evolution and maturation is wide. And, again, after 64, the principles of Umbilicus described above become very visible and usual to most of us.

The experience of life is unique for each one of us, but practicing the flow and knowing the principles related to each Organ Function Energy and its corresponding age can help us deal with and enjoy more fully the challenges, opportunities, tendencies and needs of each phase of life.

As I said before, this is the end of the series, but not the end of the study. Jin Shin Jyutsu is a lifetime study, and each page of the books is a lifetime study including pages 42 and 43 of Text 2. Whenever I  spend some time toying with these pages, I have new AHAs. If you have a story of insight related to what we have explored in these 13 articles, please share it with us, so that the awareness can keep expanding. I am very grateful for this opportunity.”

Thank you, Iole.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


Note: all issues of The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter are available at http://www.jsjinc.net


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