Text 2, Stages of Life in a Human Being, Part 1, Over 64 Years Old

We have been looking at The Main Central publications that offer great insight into the contents of Text 2.

Issue Number 68, Spring 2010 continues a series of articles about the stages of life in a human being from page 42 of Text 2, authored by Iole Lebensztajn.

Today we will continue with that series:

Stages of Life in a Human Being (Continued)



“At the end of our series of articles, we are back to the beginning to look into Umbilicus Function Energy which rules life from 0 to 3 years old and also when we are over 64. The principles and qualities available for us to be in touch with are the same, but they are lived from a different perspective.

When we studied Umbilicus Function Energy regarding babies, we mentioned how important it is for them to feel welcome, to receive love and protection. It is the same when we are older when it is very important to belong, to be embraced and receive protection because it is quite common for us to become more and more vulnerable and dependent, just like a baby. However, we often see elderly people living in isolation, emptiness and loneliness, whether or not by choice, sometimes refusing to be in touch with the world, sometimes missing love and affection, sometimes just following a wish to be quiet, in peace, inside, alone – in touch with “All + One”. Umbilicus is 6th Depth. In the New Oxford American Dictionary, the origin of the word Alone comes from Middle English all + one. So the root of the word shows us that to be alone, in fact, is also the opportunity to be in touch with ALL (the whole, the entire, the complete inside us and around us) + ONE (to be united, in unit, integrated, unified with ALL that is). This is Umbilicus, 6th Depth in harmony with ALL that IS, with the Source of Life, with the Oneness. We are again closer to the Source connection, and instead of feeling loneliness, we can just be alone (All One with the Cosmic Source of Life and all that exists). How interesting it is to observe that through the journey of life we come from the Universal to the Individual and back to the Universal.

Another aspect that was mentioned in the first article of this series related to Umbilicus was how important it is to set good boundaries and limits to children. Remember that Umbilicus can be related to Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn which shows us our limitations. When we are over 64, limitation is mostly experienced in the physical aspect: joints becoming more rigid (sometimes because thoughts are more rigid), our hearing and sight become more limited (also because for many elderly people the outer material world is not so engaging any more), as much as our capacity for response. Of course, the occurrence and intensity of these limitations will depend on habits, general health, life style, attitudes, etc. We start life full of physical vitality brought by Umbilicus, but we lack Consciousness. When again we visit Umbilicus – when we are over 64 – we lack that childhood physical vitality. Agility may falter, but if we have done our “homework”, we have gained Awareness and Wisdom.”

To be continued…


Note: all issues of The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter are available at http://www.jsjinc.net


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