Text 2, Stages of Life in a Human Being, Part 1, Ages 57-64

We have been looking at The Main Central publications that offer great insight into the contents of Text 2.

Issue Number 67, Winter 2010 continues a series of articles about the stages of life in a human being from page 42 of Text 2, authored by Iole Lebensztajn.

Today we will continue with that series:

Stages of Life in a Human Being (Continued)


Freedom to BE

“This is one more step to experience Know Myself BE IT IS IS (Infinite Truth, Infinite Self, Impersonal Self). Diaphragm is a 6th Depth Flow so we are closer to our Source to whom we are in essence. Now Know Myself with all my perfections and imperfections. Now I don’t have the pretension that I know everything as when I was 25 to 32 years old (Heart Function Energy, another Chest Function Energy), I know that I know nothing and I am opened to still learn and live with my doubts. And at the same time, I am available to share what I have learned with others if they are interested. Therefore this can be a very rich period of time, with a lot of teaching, learning, exchange and growth.

Diaphragm Function Energy is a Chest Flow, and as all Chest Flows, will help to bring authenticity to my expression…for me to be aligned to what and who I truly am. Truth is something that Sagittarius, the sign related to Diaphragm, is always questing for. Most of us after years of looking for the answers outside will finally perceive that the Infinite Truth is that all that we need, all the resources and all the answers are inside! For sure now I know to appreciate and respect the others’ truth and perspectives. I am freer and I allow others to be so.

Jupiter ruling Sagittarius is bringing the quality of expansion, going beyond limitations, being in touch with my Infinite Self. It is more available now the opportunity to realize how my Self is Infinite in terms of space. When I was younger, I wanted to stand out and to be noteworthy and special. Now I want to see what is universal and what I have in common with all humanity, with all Nature. I have become aware that I am united to all that is, I am part of the Wholeness, the Oneness, and how each part is affected by the harmony or disharmony of the Wholeness and vice-versa. By this time some will be aware of being the Infinite Self in terms of time: That is to say, Life is infinite; it just changes the way it expresses itself, having no beginning and no ending.”

To be continued…


Note: all issues of The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter are available at http://www.jsjinc.net.


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