I’m thinking about Infinite Life…

…it’s an inside job!

Isn’t it interesting that when I was about 59 years old, I became aware that I am part of all; part of the Wholeness, part of the Oneness.

Only then did I come to know that I know nothing.

Only then did I begin to realize that Infinite Self, Infinite Life has no beginning nor end, but merely changes its expression.

The Maori believe that everything has a definite soul and a liquid concept of spiritual “essence”, revealing itself in land, nature, humans and other objects.  They have a close kinship with their environment. The basis of the Maori culture lies in its Polynesian belief of a divine direction in all matters. In the beginning a host of gods such as Tane Mahuta (God of the Forest) and Tangaroa (God of the Sea), and four others who are : wind, wild food, planted food, and mankind, were born to Rangi (the Sky Father) and Papa (the Earth Mother).

“Kaitiakitanga” refers to stewardship or guardianship of the environment. A related concept is “mana whenua”, meaning “those who belong to the land”. Only those with mana whenua can exercise kaitiakitanga. Perhaps most critically, for those who have mana whenua, the exercise of kaitiakitanga is not just a responsibility, but an obligation – which is intrinsically connected with a hapu or iwi’s mana (status or integrity).

My simplistic understanding is that the Maori are aware that they are part of all, part of the Wholeness, part of the Oneness.

My awareness of Infinite Life as pure vibration; movement and music aligns with the Maori cultural beliefs. I am part of dear Cecil the lion, the beautiful Japanese cherry tree, the brook running by beside my apartment building…the little bunch of catnip my friend grows in her garden…horror of horrors, I am also a part of that horrible dentist who slew Cecil.

Whatever shall I do? I shall breathe.


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