The illusion of “I know”…

Most readers are aware that Mary Burmeister returned to her Creator on January 27, 2008.

I invite and sense her presence daily; especially when I am writing posts, or studying Jin Shin Jyutsu, teaching self-help or helping my friends…and two cats.

In the Winter 2009 issue of The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter (issue Number 63), Petra Elmendorff submitted the article: Precious Times of “not knowing” – Gap – Emptiness to Stand.

For me, it is full of wisdom and in it’s precious simplicity, is Mary. I will share it here.

“I find myself sitting a lot with the notion of “space” and openness, especially since Mary has moved on.

With Mary’s passing, the end of a cycle is defined, a loss of which the impact is still to unfold, a gap.

To be able to meet somebody like Mary in person is an extraordinary, once in a lifetime event of one’s biography. So I am asking myself: Can I allow myself to feel this loss, the totality of that farewell without already filling the missing, without defining too early?

I personally favor “gap” situations, even though they are challenging to that part in me who loves security, rules, and the illusion of “I know”. This is the challenge every ending of a cycle is offering. It opens a space where I can catch a glimpse of the totality and wonder of life – like in the gap between exhalation and inhalation. According to Mary, all healing happens here. An open space like that throws me right back to myself, into myself, to find “Now Know Myself”.

There is an almost tangible delicacy, a vibrating of life itself, being available in the openness of the space. Like the “Weaving Princess”, so protected in the back of our heads, not facing the world with its clear structures and forms directly, but working invisibly, birthing the New, helping us to catch a glimpse through the “window”, where invisible and the visible meet.

A gap is also like a threshold, an in-between, a bardo of timelessness and endless possibilities…an historic moment which will sow the seed for the next time, epoch or phase to come. “Space” always vibrates with 9. This is all about 9. Like the 9, the beginning of the new dawn is already blessed by the ripeness of the cycle that finished, and the seed of the fruit will be the carrier of the message of the previous season.

Mary is physically not present as a center any longer, a center around which a whole worldwide community could circle. If I don’t get scared, I might feel the tremendous buzzing power and aliveness in the Unknown. I am once again reminded that everything is happening in the unmanifested. The Light of the 6th Depth bridges through the opening of the 3rd Depth into the Order of Creation. Mary’s message, the vibration, the taste of her message is inside of many of us.

Maybe jumping prematurely ahead to the structuring of the new cycle – making haste so as not to feel the emptiness, the insecurity involved – might crush the extraordinary vulnerability and delicacy of the spirit of the moment.

Fear is resolved in 9, like we know from our waistline, “Stop and Listen”…to drop into the unknown, breathe in it. Jupiter is waiting, trusting and growing in wisdom. So naturally – just as Safety Energy Lock 10 follows Safety Energy Lock 9 – time to say good bye, time to complete, reflect and tend to the unfinished. Dream the new life. Breathing with the question: What is the dream of my seed, a heritage waiting to be kissed awake?

Jin Shin Jyutsu – Now Know Myself.

I find there is power and potency in questioning; questioning that is not yet aimed to an answer, but rather being a sacred space for pregnancy…the courage to live with 9, the infinite space of the moment. Can I stand to let the unknown unfold and listen within to Jin Shin Jyutsu – Now Know Myself?”

Thank you, Petra.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

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