Adventures with the Pulse, Part 1

Cynthia Broshi wrote the captioned article for the Fall 2008 issue of The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter (number 62).

I don’t know about you, but listening is a challenge for me. Listening to pulses is an even bigger  challenge!

Dear readers, you need to buy this issue. I am going to quote part of it…to tweak your interest…but you need to possess this issue and study what Cynthia has written – and drawn.

I always suggest that you purchase Main Central issues, but i STRONGLY suggest you purchase this particular issue, read it, study it, practice it, read it again, use it as a guide as you fine-tune your listening skills.

You need this issue.

You can obtain it at

“Mary says, “The Pulse whispers the secrets of the Universe.” In the Pulse I hear Universal Breath creating Being, in this breath. The Pulse speaks of relationships down the front, up the back. Relationships of bustline, waistline, hipline. Relationships of the Depths… It speaks through languages of tone, texture, rhythm, direction; it speaks of Safety Energy Locks and Organ Function Energy. It speaks the language of the Zodiac. Like all artists, it speaks in metaphor. I may hear a landscape, its season or time of day. I may hear animals within the landscape, their colors and sounds and activity. All are expressions of the Depths: specific aspects of Life Energy, within Totality, in relationship. The Pulse is Creation in action.

In getting to KNOW the language of the Pulse I immerse myself in it, like a newborn babe. Like a baby, I simply listen – no understanding is required. I will always be beginning with the Pulse; there is no end to the discovery of the Universe. Like a baby, I respond. Call and response… As I express what I hear in the Pulse, the Pulse opens up to me. It teaches, re-forms my awareness, my understanding and my actions. Call and response – the origin of rhythm, of song, of transformation.

Hands-on is our primary form of practicing this call and response. In my study of the Pulse, in my desire to grow in awareness and understanding of its infinite possibilities, I find it useful to practice other forms of response also. Dancing, singing and drawing the Pulse are some possibilities, as well as describing it with words. I’ve found that for each person, some of these expressions come more easily than others. It’s rewarding to play around with the form of expression that feels impossible for me, as well as the ones that feel natural.

I can also choose to listen to a particular aspect of the Pulse – just as an exercise. Exercises simplify the task of the moment, and can help develop my capacities. They can nurture my awareness and understanding of the vocabulary and grammar of the Pulse. One exercise I enjoy is to draw the Pulse. This exercise sharpens my perception of the Pulse and provides a “translation” – a visual imaging of it, which is a tool for my understanding. In every group there are some who take to drawing the Pulse like a Picasso-in-waiting, and some who are so stymied they won’t even pick up the pencil. I encourage people to “cheat” – if I like someone else’s idea of “how” to draw the Pulse, I can begin with that. We all develop our capacity to sing this way, copying a bird or a Maria Callas.”

To be continued…

(Order this issue from Scottsdale, today!)


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