Text 2, Stages of Life in a Human Being, Part 2, Ages 6-8

We have been looking at The Main Central publications that offer great insight into the contents of Text 2.

Issue Number 57, Summer, 2007 continues a series of articles about the stages of life in a human being from page 42 of Text 2, authored by Iole Lebensztajn.

Today we will continue with that series:

Stages of Life in a Human Being (Continued)

LIVER – 6-8 YEARS OLD – Page 42, Text 2

Faith and the Power of Realization…

“At page 43 Text 2 we see that Liver receives energy from the Main Central at Sacrum 1, the area of Safety Energy Lock 2 which helps us to deal with dualities and to recognize the different aspects of oneness, instead of being held by the “rights” and “wrongs” of life. It is remarkable to notice that the notion of right and wrong is clearer for children from 6-8 than before. And also this is the time when we start receiving all the correct and incorrect marks on our tests. If children receive a lot of criticism now, they will stop exploring their capacities and potentials. This can be the cause of people 33-40 years old (Small Intestine age) feeling useless and helpless, full of doubts and feelings of inferiority and failure. Instead of judging, help kids to observe the consequences and the effects of their actions, and if the results they got were what they wanted to create. If not, motivate them to find how to change the action to create another result that doesn’t have to be better or worse, right or wrong, just another result. Successive experiences will generate the success of being more confident, sovereign and responsible. If you feel these expressions of Liver Function Energy were not well structured in your life, receive or apply to yourself the Liver Flow. As a Toe Flow, Liver will help us to walk our path with trust, sovereignty and responsibility.

There is a song of a Brazilian musician, Gilberto Gil, that for me it is about Liver Energy. It says, “I will walk with Faith, because Faith does not use to ‘fail’.”  As I have said before, Liver is a Toe Flow that helps us to walk our path. Faith is related to Pisces and for me Faith is like an Activating Principle that brings together (attracts) all the elements, persons and circumstances necessary to fulfill our potentials, dreams and ideals. And finally when we have Faith in the process there is no failure, just another way among infinite ways to create reality. Faith has to be with our perception of our manifested reality and also our awareness of our yet non-manifested reality (intuition). It is the capacity of being like an antenna in tune with our soul, which is in touch with all visible and invisible resources available for us in each moment.

Liver Function Energy says that it is very important to support kids from 5 to 8 years old to trust life and to trust themselves, their competencies and resources, because this time of life is like a seed that will make available the capacity of writing their own life story. Mary says that till 7 years children are dependant on parents’ energy. From then on they are energetically autonomous, i.e., ready to create the foundations of their own path.

If you want your 6-8 year old child (or inner child) to be in touch with the realization power of faith and trust, play with Liver Flow.”

Thank you, Iole.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


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