Text 2, Stages of Life in a Human Being, Part 2, Ages 4-5

We have been looking at The Main Central publications that offer great insight into the contents of Text 2. Issue Number 56, Spring, 2007 continues a series of articles about the stages of life in a human being from page 42 of Text 2, authored by Iole Lebensztajn.

Today we will continue with that series:

Stages of Life in a Human Being

Gall-Bladder – 4-5 years old, Page 42, Text 2 (continued)

Time and Space Open to Bring Light to Life

“Leo, the sign that is opposite to Aquarius, is a lot of being with creative imagination. This feature is very useful when we are 25-32 years old, the Heart (Leo) period of life. The more free time and open space we give to children from 4 to 5, the more in tune with the expansion principle of 3rd Depth they will be, and the more Gall Bladder attributes they will show in their adulthood, i.e., flexibility, intuition and awareness of their power of creating their own reality.

We will talk more about that when we discuss the Heart time, 25-32 years, when many of us are involved with power issues and competition, thinking that we get power from each other instead of realizing from where our power comes. The 5-pointed star helps us to remember that Gall Bladder is where we receive energy and power from our Source – 6th Depth. Aquarius is the Water Bearer, the symbol of a man pouring water, pouring energy from the source to the body. If our Gall Bladder time was enjoyed during childhood, we probably won’t be so much involved in power games because we were in touch with our source of power in the Order of Creation since our beginning. If not, it is always time to receive a lot of Gall Bladder flows.

Learning to choose is another aspect related to 3rd Depth – Gall Bladder and Aquarius – that is very important for parents to support during this period of life. Allowing children to choose and observe the consequences is a big challenge. However there is no other way to learn how to choose other than choosing. Start with simple things, giving them opportunity to express themselves without criticism or judgment. The limits, a little bit more sophisticated than during Umbilicus time, are given by learning respect and consideration for others and also by taking into account their own safety. The primordial ethical lesson, treat others as you would like to be treated, can be taught mainly by parents’ example.

Here, what Mary says about being the focusing on harmony is really precious. Instead of censure, prohibition and humiliation, which generate anger, frustration, resentment and indifference, focus on their Gall Bladder qualities, i.e., their capacity to come up with new solutions, to create the future by living the present, to bring the light to life. Praise and acknowledge every time they share, they help, they care or when they are patient. (This last one is a big challenge for them.)

Talking about patience, how fascinating to realize that coccyx, the area where Gall Bladder Function Energy receives nourishment from the Main Central (page 43, Text 2), is next to 25, the Safety Energy Lock which helps us to be patient, to be still and know. For me this reinforces the idea that children from 4-5 years old need time and space for themselves to be the observer, to be present, to learn to be in touch with their inner wisdom. This ability is so precious. When we are 25-32 years old many of us are immersed in effort and trying to prove our capacity to others.

Applying or receiving Gall Bladder flow will help us to regenerate (re-generate) our inner 4 to 5 years old children. Another good practice is to observe the following: How do you react when you are praised? Do you praise?

Being honest, praise yourself at least twice a day and give at least 2 praises a day for people in your relationships. After a month, observe how this has changed your daily life.”

Thank you, Iole.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


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