Walking the Breath

Georgianne Ginder contributed this poem as copyrighted by Your Best Medicine, September 6, 2003. You can find it in the Spring 2005 issue number 48 of The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter. You can purchase this issue at http://www.jsjinc.net.

Walking the Breath

I place my hands upon you

And soon you begin to talk to me

We now share the language of respect and of relationship

Jin Shin Jyutsu is the art of trust and truth.

As my fingers move

I sense you as your body

Mind and spirit speak

The message becomes clear:

We must move forward here,

Here, and eventually – here.

This dialogue of breath

Of balance and harmony is a timeless dance.

I listen to the quiet, and, yes, to the fear and

Always to the life which is present and clear.


Machines, medicines and tests

Merge and meld with timeless tradition

Of touch, of nourishment

Prayer and rest.

Life’s journey may be short or long

One’s stamina, energy – weak or strong. Yet

Each of us speaks

And each of us seeks

Freedom, connection, wisdom, love

And so very often: relief.

“Hold yourself together”

And so we do. Jaws clench, fingers lock and unlock

Bodies wiggle as knees pump up and down…

Pain can pull us inward

As the breath moves beyond us.

Baby reaches to be held and rocked and rescued

Sensing safety in what she knows to be secure –

Rhythm recorded heartbeat by heartbeat

That universal first breath

Our last exchanged at death.

To care and be cared for

Spoken of and spoken to –

Stretching for security and serenity

Protection and dependability

Hands out. Hands down.


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