Text 2, Diaphragm and Umbilicus Function Energy, Part 1

We have been looking at The Main Central publications that offer great insight into the contents of Text 2. Issue Number 47, Winter 2005 contains an article by Waltraud Riegger-Krause that has been very helpful to me – so I’ll share the information (with thanks to David for giving me permission) and at the same time remind my wonderful readers that you can obtain a copy of this issue, and all past issues, from the Scottsdale office;http://www.jsjinc.net. There is other information in this issue that would benefit any student of  Jin Shin Jyutsu.

“Diaphragm and Umbilicus Function Energy are the flows which bring the all-sustaining Life Breath Energy of the 6th Depth into our body.

The Fourth Depth, with Kidney and Bladder Function Energy, represents the bridge to the Sixth Depth, our all-inclusive Source of Life. Kidney Flow becomes Diaphragm Flow and reaches from the more manifested level of energy to the unmanifested level of energy of the 6th Depth. This is one of the aspects of transformation which is part of the Kidney energy through the vibration  of the astrological sign Scorpio, which is related to Kidney energy. In my notes from Mary, I read that 6th Depth represents Cause and Effect in close relationship with 4th Depth. It is related to pure consciousness. 6th Depth – the Life Breath for our individual Life comes into being through the universal Light of the 7th Depth – which comes forth from 8th Depth – the SOURCE OF ALL SOURCES – which appears out of the NO-THING-NESS of the 9th Depth. In a way similar to the moon (planet of the 6th Depth) as it reflects the light of the sun (planet of the 7th Depth), we human beings with our personal Light reflect the creative spiritual Light of the 7th Depth. Our personalized light is like the blueprint for our individual Life. All Information for our personality is imprinted in this 6th Depth as subtle vibration. The element is fire; it is the primordial fire, the desire to BE. It embraces all seasons and all elements in its comprehensive greatness. Within the 6th Depth, Diaphragm and Umbilicus Function Energy arise. They bring the vitalizing and nourishing Energy of the 6th depth into all the other organ Function Energy Flows. Mary said they bring harmony and warmth into all relationships.

If the energy of the 6th Depth is blocked we lose the joy of life.”

To be continued…


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