Text 2, Bladder and Kidney Function Energies, Part 5

We continue our review of Cynthia (Lenssen) Broshi’s article about Bladder and Kidney Function Energies in issue Number 46, Fall 2004 of The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter. You may obtain this issue at http://www.jsjinc.net.

Kidney Function Energy (continued)

“Flowing horizontally across the pelvic floor from Coccyx to Safety Energy Lock 15, Kidney Function completes its sphere, scattering at the anterior groin, nourishing my joy and laughter. (As with Bladder Function Energy, Kidney Function shares many relationships with 2nd Depth.) Discomforts in the 15s and thighs with menstruation indicate a Kidney Function need. Likely there is a scanty menstrual flow – 4th Depth is not fully eliminating. The menstrual cycle functions as a force of Regeneration for the being, breaking down and eliminating dirt, dust and greasy grime from body and mind. When we have the opportunity for rest and quiet during the first day or two of menstruation, many women experience this as a time of keen sensitivity and spiritual awareness. The window of Safety Energy Lock 4 is open to all of Nature. Utilizing 4th Depth Flows before the menstrual period harmonizes this opening. (For heavy flow, and PMS projects, go also to 3rd Depth, particularly Liver Function.)

For men and women alike, 4th Depth, the Flow, helps Safety Energy Lock 9 (the number of 2nd Depth: Body) put a period on the past. Krishnamurti says, “There must be a period in which the inventor is silent…sees something new.” Robert Rauschenberg, a seminal (as in “a foundation for new possibilities”) artist whose work, over decades was powerfully original, says, “Art shouldn’t be a fixed idea that I have before I start making it. I want it to include all the fragility and doubt I go through the day with…I want the insecurity of not knowing…” Open to the mystery of body and non-body, Kidney Function Energy helps build the portals of conception, birth and death. Kidney Function ascends into the Source, 6th Depth, at 8:00 p.m. (8: as below, so above; Magic), a.k.a. 20:00 (20: Everlasting Eternity: the birthplace and death time of 4th Depth at the vibration of 12 Organ Function Energy). To transport Life, I must relinquish my hold on life. I must dive into the not-knowing and be the Artist, simply listening and discovering. The Art of jumper-cabling is a kind of dying, the release of limitations. And as Mary so often reminds me, jumper-cabling is listening to the Harmony (Venus). “At the heart of us, no matter what our imperfections, is the silent pulse of Perfection.” An anonymous Haiku, translated by Sam Hamill says: “To learn how to die watch cherry blossoms, observe chrysanthemums.”

To be continued…

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