Text 2, Heart/Small Intestine Function, Part 2

We continue reading what Petra Elmendorff wrote about Leo/Heart Function – Virgo/Small Intestine – Song of Light ~ Song of Love in issue Number 44, Spring 2004 of The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter. You may obtain this issue at http://www.jsjinc.net.

“In disharmony, it might not be easy to stay true to oneself. One might not be able to speak from the heart, or listen to it. All heart affairs can get affected. Issues around owning up to my power, projections of authority on someone or something outside of myself can arise – giving my power away. Sometimes there is no allowance to trust one’s own unique expression of creativity, a tendency to push that fire aside. On the the other hand, in disharmony, Leo/Heart energy can harden and can begin to be forceful and willful with oneself or others. Compassion will be locked up in an armored heart, the ability to have sight and vision might turn into blindness – of body, mind and spirit. Self-awareness becomes self-forgetting, like in Alzheimer’s disease.

A tremendous power of will and passion is stored in Leo/Heart fire, to fuel and guide my spiritual journey home. This Fire of Fire (Leo fire and fire of the 5th Depth) provides the flame that purifies my being. It is that warm, strong and silent flame that creates a compassionate joy and love for life.

In the journey of the soul from Aries/Lung to Leo/Heart, Leo is the 5th sign. The development of man (5) has come to a culmination. Now on this level, the direct experience of the Light of the Creator inside of myself is available. Intense realization of the amalgamation of body and spirit is the gift…the awakening to the fact that Spirit is residing in the heart and is manifesting itself in all creative expressions. I am a child of God.

Now Virto/Small Intestine energy is born from this awareness. This 6th sign in the Zodiac is a gate to the transition of consciousness…so is the 12th sign at the end of this journey. It is creating the bridge (6 is the number of 4th Depth) to the new focus of awareness that will later manifest in Libra/Bladder function energy and continue ’til the end of the Zodiac. Here consciousness is moving into the 2nd half of the cycle: the opening to the “you”, the surrender, the return to home. (On the Main Central Vertical level, Thoracic 6 and 12 on pages 41-45, Text 1, seem to mirror some of that path through quality.)”

To be continued…


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