Text 2, Heart/Small Intestine Function, Part 1

Petra Elmendorff writes about Leo/Heart Function – Virgo/Small Intestine – Song of Light ~ Song of Love in issue Number 44, Spring 2004 of The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter. You may obtain this issue at http://www.jsjinc.net.

“7th Depth, the spark, is the light that relates to the planet Sun.

As the Sun is the center of our life as human beings on earth, 7th depth is the vibration that will spark the Main Central Vertical 6th Depth. The Primordial Fire begins to fuel my story as man.

At high noon, the highest position of the Sun, zenith of light’s intensity, the Leo/Heart function energy begins to rule the next two hours in the day.

On the level of the organ function energy the Leo/Heart flow will carry that solar essence into the body, as Leo is ruled by the Sun.

Sun is the center of my consciousness in body, mind and spirit – illuminating my awareness and memory of the Source of all sources. Like the rays of the Sun, the Heart function energy will flow out of the heart manifesting that message. According to Mary the heart is the strongest organ of the body, and as I become aware of the heritage of this organ, it only makes sense.

The dance of the Leo/Heart flow teaches me to stay in my center, trusting my connection to the Creator.

The creativity of this Leo/Heart function, as the experience of Self, is the power to express the “I am” of the Main central vertical, 6th Depth. In the heart lies the seat (seed) of spiritual power, and if the Leo/Heart function energy is in harmony, the identification with the Source is available.

Leo/Heart energy celebrates a deep joy of being the light in all expressions.

Life becomes an unfolding dance of creative being – life is creativity.

Celebration of life is Leo’s worship of the One. Because of this closeness to the Creator, there is a strength in the heart that enables me to claim natural authority and leadership for and in my life. (Safety Energy Lock 19 is related to the powers of the Sun.)

The Leo/Heart function is allowing my voice to carry a message of love, joy and compassion. It opens my vision and strengthens my power to SEE – and only after opening my eyes will this flow continue to spark the capacities of the cerebrum. The influence of the 5th Depth on the brain is also revealed in the location of the 5th depth…in the center!…in the center of the head and in the pineal gland, as a vital agent for solar energy – all harmonized through Safety Energy Lock 7.

The Fire of this Chest Flow moves into the fingers, reminding me to embrace my life.”

To be continued…


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