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I’m thinking about control…


“The world is not to be put in order; the world is order, incarnate. It is for us to harmonize with this order.”
— Henry Miller

Ego believes that it needs to protect us from external dangers. Through control and manipulation, it aims to keep us safe. This need of ego is based in fear.

If we hope to live in love, we must become acquainted with soul. Experiencing soul brings a deep knowing that this is a loving universe. Experiencing soul also builds faith. We learn to trust that we don’t have to run the show. And when we do this, we tap the source of true freedom and joy.

“It is not action or effort that we must surrender; it is self-will, and this is terribly difficult. You must do your best constantly, yet never allow yourself to become involved in whether things work out the way you want.”
— Eknath Easwaran

“True spiritual surrender responsibly opens itself to the unknown.”
— Stephen V. Doughty

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I’m thinking about loneliness…


“When humans find themselves surrounded by nothing but objects, the response is always one of loneliness.”
— Brian Swimme

Soul lives through relationship and it is in soul that we find meaning. We can have meaningful relationships with people, animals and other beings, projects, ideas and ideals.

How much time do you devote to building relationships with things?

“Loneliness is caused by an alienation from life. It is a loneliness from your real self.”
— Maxwell Maltz

“No soul is desolate as long as there is a human being for whom it can feel trust and reverence.”
— George Eliot


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I’m thinking about changing my story…


“It’s precisely the disappointing stories, which have no proper ending and therefore no proper meaning, that sound true to life.”
— Max Frisch

“Don’t get your hopes up!”

Were you warned of this as a child? What does this say? It says that life is bound to disappoint you. It says, don’t aim high because you’re not likely to get what you want. It says that we can’t expect good things to happen to us.

As our thinking creates our reality, this kind of thinking dooms us to a mundane existence. It’s time to change our stories. Why not focus the immense power of our hearts and minds on bringing to fruition the very best life has to offer? Allow yourself to hope and believe in all possibilities.

“Hope is the companion of power, and the mother of success; for who so hopes has within him the gift of miracles.”
— Samuel Smiles

“The very least you can do in your life is to figure out what you hope for. And the most you can do is live inside that hope. Not admire it from a distance but live right in it, under its roof.”
— Barbara Kingsolver

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Connect the…..between Text 1…..Text 2, Part 2

…continuing the article in Issue Number 19, Winter 2003 of The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter submitted by Anita Willoughby:

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“So, we take the 8 and divide it into 2 (worlds) and the meaning of the Safety Energy Lock #4, as the bridge from the spiritual to the physical and the physical to the spiritual, becomes clearer. So, this is why we gently touch the 4’s at the beginning of life, to get the 4’s in sync and connected to heaven, through the rainbow bridge or through Alice’s tunnel. This is why we touch the fours, at the end of life, when we are transitioning back to formlessness. This is why, Day #4 in class, feels like a spaceship, landing on mother earth. There is a moment, where all is……..then a magical, mystical transformation takes place. The Safety Energy Lock #4 bridges the invisible world to the visible world, so the 4’s are our connecting link from heaven to earth. Safety Energy Lock #4, day #4, where the soul enters the body, through the bridge of the four…….. The 4’s are in charge of motion and movement through our four limbs, so we awaken and take on form and movement, in that quality of being four.

Now, I have experienced through teaching, that qualitative difference between the two Texts. I know that on Day #4, I have come down to earth. It is still a mystery to me, when the transition takes place, and maybe that’s okay. It’s okay, to have a little bit of mystery left in our lives. We don’t have to know and understand everything. Maybe metaphor and simile are enough, and experience is actually the great teacher. We know, we simply know when we have arrived. some of us may have travelled across a bridge, some of us may have traveled on a ferry boat ride, through the mists and others may have passed through a tunnel, but we are all born and pass through birth into life and back again. So we understand that the magical bridge, the transformative tunnel, the moment between these two texts, is unspoken and unspeakable…….. It is the moment of alchemy, when a miraculous process occurs, where we change from one form into another, or we pass from the invisible to the visible, within the magic infinity of the #8, back and forth through the bridge of the Safety Energy Locks #4.”

Thank you, Anita.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Connect the…..between Text 1…..Text 2

There is another article in Issue Number 19, Winter 2003 of The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter submitted by Anita Willoughby that is about the relationship between Texts 1 and 2. Anything Anita writes is a mandatory share! (I even love the title; get it? dots? connect the dots?)

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“Day #4, Safety Energy Lock #4, the bridge…….it all came together, for me, on Day #4 of the Basic 5-Day Jin Shin Jyutsu Seminar. It wasn’t until I began to teach, that I came to realize why Day #4, the beginning of Text 2, was such a grounding day. For years, my favorite Text had been Text 1. I loved floating up there in the ethers, free, unfettered, boundless. I loved being up there in outer space, with the wind, the rain, the snow, the sun’s rays and the clouds. It is a bit like a Marc Chagall painting, all those bodies floating around in space. Maybe, because it was the beginning, maybe, it was because I was a new teacher, but for those first three days I sometimes felt disoriented. I sometimes wondered which end was up, which was down, which direction was I facing and where on earth was I headed, in my teaching. Yes, Text 1 is liberating and thought provoking, but not necessarily grounding. An air head experience, is how I usually describe that feeling, and that is, the perfect moment, to call for a coffee break.

Although I still love the open-endedness and freedom of Text 1, it was through teaching that I became enamoured of Text 2. On day #4, bang, boom, thud suddenly, we have crash-landed on earth, just like a space ship landing from outer space, or the Marc Chagall floating figure, suddenly bolting upright, feet touching the earth. Now, I felt firm earth beneath my feet and become more grounded in the material…….. On day #4, that spacey feeling evaporated, and suddenly, I knew exactly what was happening and where we were, every hour of the day and every month of the year. Every moment becomes accounted for and our days become busy, busy, busy with various and sundry activities. There is a time and a place for everything, we know which organ flow carries the baton, at which hour, we know which astrological sign is in focus, which month. There is a lot to be said, for living inside a body, down here on earth, and feeling the velvet carpet of the earth’s surface. Now, we experience breath; we are into touching, seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling. We are alive and awake and come into our senses. This is not so bad.

But, how did we get here??? How did we wind up in this form, this body? Magical, mystical transformation, bridges, tunnels are images which come to mind. Bridges and tunnels are connections, span across space or through tierra firma to connect and provide access from one shore to the next, from one world to the other world. Maybe, the space between Text 1 and 2 is the rainbow bridge of Norse mythology, which connects heaven to earth, where Gods traverse back and forth between the 2 worlds. Or, from out of the ethers of Text 1, we spiral and swirl, down, down, down, much like Alice in Wonderland as she fell through the rabbit hole and ended up deep inside the earth, in a Magical Kingdom. Indeed, this earth can be seen and experienced as a magical kingdom. Yes, the birth experience, the birth canal, a part of the journey, another physical experience of darkness and transmutation. Maybe, it is the magical number 8 which bridges Text 1 and 2. For, it is in the 8, where the 2 circles meet and touch, that magic occurs and the 2 worlds connect. That is the 8, a.k.a. the dot, from which all being emanates. The dot, simultaneously, infinitesimal and infinite.”

To be continued….

NOTE: when you read this, try it aloud and take a breath wherever you see a comma. I love how Anita uses the comma to bring inhale and emphasize the content. Amazing woman. Just my opinion.

“Bridging” Text 1 and 2, Part 2

continuing the article by Carlos Gutterres in Issue Number 19, Winter 2003 of The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter…(Don’t forget that you can purchase this copy of The Main Central at

“When, as practitioners of the Art, we treat someone, an interaction of the two texts takes place in our inner selves, for we can’t see the clients and their projects except through the view of one of the books. We normally perform body reading, listen to the pulse, and treat the client correlating the totality of the knowledge acquired. We do this by realizing which are the causes and effects and by acting, both in the energetic dimension and in the physical level. This interaction tends to get deeper as we, through the study, practice and self-knowledge process, move from technical procedures, our starting point, to the expression of the Art, which is our main desire.

Studying Safety Energy Locks (Text 1) is like studying the numbers – we are apparently dealing with abstractions. It is like an elementary school student asking himself, what is the practical use of learning, memorizing and writing all these numerical symbols? However when the student needs to make a phone call and realizes he may communicate with someone through a sequence of numbers, for the first time, he crosses the bridge between the abstract and the concrete worlds. We may say something similar happens when a Jin Shin Jyutsu student applies self-help, or receives a specific sequence of Safety Energy Locks, such as: R#5 and L coccyx (central #25), then L#14, R#13 and L#22. He will feel a very specific communication was established with his own body. He will have testified the practical effect of receiving the Spleen Flow (Text 2).

Maybe this is the most simple and fundamental relationship between the wisdom present in the two books. However, in the beginning it is necessary to learn how to consciously establish the connection from the most elementary levels in the books, as if we need to remember how to integrate expiration with inspiration to keep breathing. By practicing this, we realize how different breathing with focus and breathing unconsciously are. The difference is as deep as the action of dissolving or generating tensions.

The Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu requires an amalgamate of opposite things, apparently as different as energy and matter, yin and yang, spirit and body, Safety Energy Locks and organs. The Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu is becoming aware and making connections among the parts, since everything that exists integrates into the Oneness. The place where everything manifests is known by the name of Universe, “Universo” in Latin. “Uni” means One and “Verso” means Side; then there is no “Otherverse” (other side) for the manifestation. Thinking this way, it is logical that all things are related in a way, once they are interactive integrating parts of this unit. Understanding that all things are related is walking forward in the comprehension of the universal harmony as a reality…as everlasting reality, with the balance present everywhere, it Was, Is and Will Be, forever Being.

This ability of relating, ranges from simple things such as establishing bridges of understanding between exhale and inhale, and Text 1 and Text 2, to very subtle things such as thinking about the relationship between man and the Universe or the individual and the Dot (Source). The melting pot where all these things combine is the bridge that connects each individualized expression with the totality of manifestation. This intersection where all things may be related is the awareness of human beings. Practicing these relationships and living this knowledge is what makes us truly be humans, that is, what makes us truly be a unique and conscious expression of the Dot’s (Source’s) desire of Being.”

Thank you, Carlos.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.


I’m thinking about truth…

I have been seeking the truth since I was 6 years old. My journey has been long and lessons hard-learned. Jin Shin Jyutsu opened my awareness to truths I had rejected and sent me on a path of discovery.

My discoveries included (very limited) awareness and understanding of other cultures, belief systems, ancient healing arts, mathematics, astronomy, astrology and physics. I’ve sought out history of great men and women who applied their lives to find the truth. On their way, many modern discoveries that benefit mankind came to light.

The first thing I tried to understand was “Why did I have to suffer so?” Not unlike Buddha, I needed to change the question. My new question was “Why do so many people suffer and what can alleviate the suffering”. While I received a partial answer in discovering that I am a healer, a tool of the Universe, it was still not the right question. Now my question is, “Now that I am on my spiritual path, what is the goal?”

That answer has been a little harder. Today I believe my goal in this life is to proceed spiritually to be one with the Universe as the manifestation of pure universal and eternal love.

Some Eastern philosophies believe that 30 days (in Earth space/time 4th dimension understanding) before we are conceived as new life in our mother’s womb, we choose our parents. We choose them so that we may proceed on our eternal spiritual path to achieve the goal of manifested pure love.

I once rejected the idea of Karma, reincarnation, out of body experiences, aliens from beyond our 4 dimensions, healing touch, Angel Circles, unity with all life forms (animal, vegetable, mineral), scientific theories (I mean, they are only theories, right?), non-verbal communication with spirit-beings, numerology, psychic phenomena, mysticism, etc. Now I believe, “Why not?”

Through my various studies, I’ve learned about the possibility of generational curses, illnesses, good Karma, bad Karma. I am open to all these possibilities. I have a friend who is fully Mayan. There are not many Mayans alive today. She knows her people’s history, traditions, spirituality, etc. She is very wise. She believes that Mayan masters guide people who will receive their guidance. In part, she believes that the negativity we are subjected to in these 4 dimensions, can drain our energy and limit our ability to do what we are called to do. As a result, the Mayan guides provide regeneration to all who accept in another dimension. She has seen me there, getting an “oil change” as it were! I have no conscious awareness of that, but I’ve known this woman for many years and she is completely believable. She gains no earthly profit but speaks truth. The Mayan guides told her to deliver a message to me, which she did. She could not possibly have known the truth and the need of that message, but it gave encouragement and guidance to me.

I have had an out of body experience…many years ago…my spirit was escaping from exquisite pain. Again, I had no awareness of it, but I was in New Jersey, my brother-in-law was in Massachusetts, and he saw me walking toward him and when he stopped doing what he was doing to talk to me, I vanished before his eyes. He was a conservative, down-to-earth ex-Marine who was not spiritual in any sense of the word. He called me that evening to tell me and to ask what was going on and I just said, I don’t know. He pondered that to his death. I ponder it still, but I believe it occurred.

You will see that I often post guiding words from the Council of Orion, the Arcturians…I believe that these “alien” beings want to help humanity. I pay attention to what they have to say.

I’ve had my natal solar chart read and am amazed at what a perfect stranger shared with me from merely studying the position of the planets/stars on the date and time and place of my birth. I am charting my own Vedic chart. I do these things for greater understanding that will enable me to bring healing of mind/body/spirit to all living things.

I consider numerology in my life…the information and guidance it can give. Why not? I consider Paganism, which only means that people worship nature. I consider the spiritual insights of Native Americans.

I am open-minded. I am willing to learn. In my earlier life, I grabbed onto established belief systems and followed like a little lamb. Then I began to question what I was experiencing.

We all must do our own work, walk our own path (where, happily, we share that path with other seekers…like you!), learn that the purpose of life is to learn and within that purpose to love and serve all life.

Remembering that I am expressing myself in words which are translated different ways in different languages and, in the end, only words. There is a Power Greater than myself. That Power has many names (words used to express anyone’s understanding of that Power at any point in their journey). They are only name-words.

That Power, (unmanifested energy?) is, to my understanding today, Energetic Universal Love.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

“Bridging” Text 1 and 2

On the way to looking at more finger-body function energy-depth relationships, it will be good to review the “Bridging” of Text 1 and 2. Remembering that Text 1 is about unmanifested energy and Text 2 is about manifested energy. The article by Carlos Gutterres in Issue Number 19, Winter 2003 of The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter will be helpful to understand this bridging.

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Carlos writes:

“The awareness of Oneness is the first step towards the journey to self-knowledge. All disharmony, misery, pain , and fear, as well as the attitudes, comes from primordial fear. This fear was born from false evidence, according to which, multiplicity means isolation and separation. As we realize that duality and even multiplicity are mere fractional representations of the Oneness, from which we were never set apart, the fear that haunts us will be gradually replaced by wisdom.

It is from this perspective that I see the framing of the Physio-Philosophy message presented by Mary in her two books: Text 1 and 2. They represent perfect fractions of the unit we know as the Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu. Complementary and inseparable halves, whose mere existence is a lesson for all those who study the Art, these texts are like exhale and inhale. If one of these movements is not present then breathing will not be complete. No one survives by only exhaling or inhaling. The manifestation of Life needs both, the harmonic expression of exhale and the following inhale, as much as it needs the perfect integration between spirit and matter, which means: the manifest and the non-manifest. If one of these halves is not present, existence will lose its support and will eventually fade away.

Duality shows that oneness expresses itself through movement; it goes down through the front of the body, and manifests as an energetic expiration, and goes up and subtilizes through the back during the subsequent inspiration. The “One” is always Being in a pulsing movement; after all, the number “1” is the Prime Mover.

Text 1 is about the un-manifest, the dimension of ideas and causes; it is about the Safety Energy Locks, the trinity, the depths, and the Physio-Philosophy foundation. Text 2 is about manifestation, where we may realize and see effects. In this book we find the 12-organ function energy, the special body function energy, and also how these flows interact. We learn about the liquified grain and the compressed oxygen circulations and about their importance for the maintenance of life and for the recovering of harmony.

When we study these two books we understand that, at the same time, the un-manifest (Text 1) is in movement towards manifestation, and the manifest (Text 2) purifies and subtilizes. We learn that harmony, health, and happiness depend as much on the building of an appropriate lifestyle as on the cleaning of the body from all the tensions unnecessarily accumulated.”

To be continued…

If you have not yet taken your first 5-day class, you might want to take a moment to go to the Scottsdale website and see when a class will be offered in your area; These articles are a prelude to the awareness and understanding you will gain if you choose to study the Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu.

You might also want to take a moment to review the post in this site under the category “The Rogue Wave”.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

Main Central Vertical Self-Help

I was giving myself this self-help flow this morning and began to think about the different ways I’ve been taught to use it.

The first instruction I was taught was from the 5-day class handout. It is also taught in Mary’s Self-Help quarterly newsletter:

RH Center Top of Head

LH Center of Eyebrows

LH Tip of Nose

LH Top of Manubrium Sternum

LH Center of Sternum

LH Base of Sternum

LH Just About Umbilicus

LH Pubic Bone

RH Coccyx


Then I was shown a different way to give myself this flow:

RH Center Top of Head

LH Center of Eyebrows

LH Tip of Nose

LH Center Upper Lip

LH Top of Manubrium Sternum

LH Center of Sternum

LH Base of Sternum

LH Just About Umbilicus

LH Pubic Bone

RH Coccyx


Then I was shown yet another way (showing relationship with numerology):

Step 1: RH Center Top of Head (6th Depth)

Step 2: LH Center of Eyebrows (SEL 20 or 2+0=2)

Step 3: LH Tip of Nose (SEL 21 or 2+1=3)

Step 4: LH Center of Sternum (SEL 13 or 1+3=4)

Step 5: LH Base of Sternum (SEL 14 or 1+4=5)

Step 6: LH Just Below Umbilicus (SEL 15 or 1+5=6)

Step 7: LH Pubic Bone (SEL 15 or 1+5=6)

Step 8: RH Coccyx (SEL 15 or 1+5=6)


I have given myself all of these flows and listened to my body respond.

It is interesting that when I am giving myself steps 6-8, my left foot rises and my left SEL 6 finds itself connecting with my right SEL 1 (6+1=7).

I find this most interesting.

The MCV flow that is most effective for me is the one that includes LH Center Upper Lip…

my left foot still finds its way to my right inner knee!


I just find this curious and thought I’d share my experience with you, my dear readers.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

I’m thinking about conscious creativity…


“No man has a chance to enjoy permanent success until he begins to look in a mirror for the real cause of all his mistakes.”
— Napoleon Hill

The law of karma is the law of cause and effect. It works unavoidably when there is no consciousness — when we are not present in the moment. When there is no consciousness, the past creates the future.

The law of Love supersedes the law of karma. It intervenes in the process by focusing in the present. In fact, one could say that Love is being fully present. When anything is initiated in Love in the present, the future of that reality will be purposeful, meaningful, loving and powerful.

“He who is false to present duty breaks a thread in the loom, and will find the flaw when he may have forgotten its cause.”
— Henry Ward Beecher

“In my beginning is my end.”
— T.S. Eliot

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