The Bridge, Part 4

…continuing the article in Issue Number 19, Winter 2003 of The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter submitted by Cynthia Lenssen about the relationship between Texts 1 and 2.

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“Peace cannot be kept by force, but by understanding.” – Albert Einstein

(Understanding: Safety Energy Lock 3, birthplace of the Mediator. 3: the Door, harmonizing exhale and inhale.) Observing my mind and my world, I wonder if peace can be “kept” at all. It is exhaling, letting die my version of what peace must be that enables me to inhale, to receive Peace. As we see on page 4 of Text 2, disharmony has an order. When the flow of habit has dug channels, tremendous energy is required to truly change direction, to transform. This energy, tireless, always available, is provided by the Main Central. (Main Central: Transformation. Supervisor: Regeneration. Mediator: Unfolding) The THREE METHODS OF CORRECTION, the FATIGUE FLOW ADJUSTMENT, and the REVERSING AND INCREASING OF THE DEPTHS each look through the eyes of a specific aspect of the Mediator in its relationship to the Trinity Energy to SEE TRINITY. On page 5 of Text 2 (5: erasing fear, rising through the five senses), I receive the gift of HARMONIZING THROUGH TWELVE “INDIVIDUALIZED” BODY FUNCTION ENERGY PULSES. The Pulse is a lens through which I SEE this moment’s relationship of individual (Time and Place, 12 Organ Function) and Universal (Vibration/Texture). When I listen to the pulse choicelessly, I will always hear the Harmonizer. No matter what state of Being speaks in the nation, the body, the life or the pulse, my focus in Jin Shin Jyutsu is turned towards Harmony, open to the Source.

“In the disorder we can find Truth. Help myself and others by seeing that disorder, then opening the next page to SEE.” – Mary. Often a project frightens me. Often I feel small or vulnerable facing the complexity or intensity of need, the immensity of suffering. Courage comes with the exhale – change of focus – this puts “the internal emotional life in order”. I’m learning a lot about courage in a book titled Speak Truth to Power – Human Rights Defenders Who Are Changing Our World, by Kerry Kennedy Cuomo. The people profiled in this book face seemingly insurmountable challenges in their work, often having suffered violence and/or living with continual threats of violence. Many of them speak of feeling fear or frustration, but their attitude is not one of fear, nor are they paralyzed. Though they see and respond to terrible conditions, their vision isn’t caught there; their focus is on Harmony, even when it’s as yet invisible. As Wangari Maathai, a woman from Kenya, says: “…if you visualize the damage they could do, you cannot function…at this particular moment I  am seeing only one thing – that I am moving in the right direction.”

“Have you noticed that if you sit quietly on the bank of the river you hear its song – the lapping of the water, the sound of the current going by? There is always a sense of movement, an extraordinary movement towards the wider and the deeper.” – Krishnamurti

Watching the events of the world, I wonder: What is Balance? What is Harmony? What is Peace? While I AM the PEACE of the Trinity, here, across the bridge of the Mediator, on the land of 12 Organ Function Energy and 144,000 Body Function Energy, I’m not looking for a static or singular form of Peace. I love the diversity: colors, forms, emotions, humanities. I know that all I see in the Universe exists within me, even that I may want to label as “evil” or “other”. As I engage in the political, economic and social aspects of the world, I long for my actions to Be the bridge of Peace.

“The human being is a miniature of the Universe. The planet earth is simply a huge person.” – Mary. The Mediator Flow is Sanctifying Intelligence. This bridge, the River of Life, gives birth to a vehicle: an individual self. My Self walks this bridge to Know the Source. All Inclusive, 0. Our beloved Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu widens, strengthens, makes new this bridge. JYUTSU (Art) is the bridge, the relationship of SHIN (Creator) and Jin (Man). In this Art I serve as the bridge for the Creator. It is through this bridge that right action flows. As Mary so simply and beautifully says on page 1 of Text 1: “The truth is that within each one of us lies the power to cast all misery aside and to KNOW complete Peace and Oneness – to BE that beautiful creation of perfect harmony – to truly KNOW (Help) MYSELF.”

Thank you, Cynthia.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

1 thought on “The Bridge, Part 4

  1. amit Shah

    hi Debbie, i will have to read these last 4 post again and again, to actually understand deeply.. thanks bhavna


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