The Bridge, Part 3

…continuing the article in Issue Number 19, Winter 2003 of The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter submitted by Cynthia Lenssen about the relationship between Texts 1 and 2.

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“Mediator is the bridge between BEING and human Being. This is the Activity Principle of the Trinity, the frequency where the bridge from invisible to visible is. Mediator is Motion, Rhythm, Relationship – the structures necessary for substance and appearance to arise, and for form to build. Like their beloved child, Mediator calls and receives the Generative Power of divine Trinity Energy – creating and nourishing a spiritual home: the Body/Mind.

“We are three. The moon comes from its quiet corner, puts a pitcher of water down in the center. The circle of surface flames. This the joy of existence.” – Rumi.

Is it Mediator which forms the heart of my being? Emotion is born here, the flow of the heart towards another. Mediator (Water), imbued with Main Central (Fire) and Supervisor (Air), joyously gives birth to the 12 Organ Function Energy (Earth), manifesting individuality. These Twelve (12: Thy Will) bring the energies of the stars – the Zodiac – into the play of creating my unique Being, a microcosm of the macrocosm. My Being is really an Interbeing – woven of relationships. Like gods and goddesses of the Kojiki or of greek mythology, like patriarchs in the Bible, the 12 Organ Function Energy know, love, and marry one another, bearing numerous offspring – the 144,000 Special Body Function. Being that attitudes are born at the vibration of Mediator, these Twelve often engage in all kinds of other human-like behavior: possessiveness, arguments, love affairs, territorial conflicts, wars, and – thank goodness! – reconciliation. Page 4 of Text 2 describes some of these exciting activities along with their repercussions for the body, and more are depicted on pages 36-40. The main cause for all these situations: the “MEDIATOR” is not in harmony.

Mary tells me on page 2 of Text 2 (2: Life force for all creatures, Wisdom), “When the twelve ‘individualized’ Body Function Energy is in balance with the Universal Harmonizing Energy, there is perfect harmony within and without the body.” By page 4 she’s showing me exactly what occurs when my bridge, the Mediator, isn’t maintaining this balance. Page 4 begins by describing some relationships amongst the 12 Organ Function Energy with language which Jiro Murai used to teach Mary. These are descriptions of our “lowly minor forces” (page 1, Text 1) at large. How very much these sound like a current newscast: struggles…economic, political, national, international, personal. I recognize these struggles as the turmoil existing within my own soul. When so many were killed on September 11, 2001, I watched my own fear yell (internally), “Kill them! Bomb them!” – even as my heart and mind Knew this reaction could only deepen the disharmony. So I’m especially struck by Mary’s third paragraph on page 4, “…whichever overcomes the other will in time cause disharmony…to become more and more critical.”

“The history of mankind is the result of the Mediator Flow being out of harmony. Attitudes are born on the Mediator Flow. No one can expect to be well who has unnatural attitudes.” – Mary. And, “The internal emotional life needs to be in order. First: Inner Peace.” Just as the Mediator is the bridge from Trinity Energy to all of Text 2, it is the bridge from the manifested back to the Trinity. When attitudes stagnate the river of my Mediator, projects arise; and every page of both texts demonstrate how to approach these projects: Listen, See the project, SEE deeper to the Divine Harmony within. Every page offers awareness, understanding, and techniques to help me SEE the Peace of the Trinity.”

To be continued…


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