The Bridge, Part 2

…continuing the article in Issue Number 19, Winter 2003 of The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter submitted by Cynthia Lenssen about the relationship between Texts 1 and 2.

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“Mediator is the bridge between BEING and human consciousness. Through the thought of the Mediator, Left and Right Supervisor cross at Safety Energy Lock 4 (4: The Weaving Princess, Consciousness) – differentiating and weaving the ingredients for all the functions of body and mind, and imbuing the experiences of my five senses with awareness. Mediator is the amalgam of all the infinitesimal: mind. It is also that which receives and transports Creator Consciousness: Mind.

Sally, a client, expressed these aspects of the Mediator. For several months her pulse repeatedly said, “Left Mediator!!!” I utilized this flow, and others that came to mind as supporting it. One day she told me she’d had a dream: “From a distance I was looking at a bridge that spans an open space. As a train coming from the left started across, a storm came up. The bridge shook so; I thought surely bridge and train would fall into the abyss. On the right side the train caught on a projection, and when the engineer helped it over that, it caught on another smaller obstacle. I realized the train was old, chugging along with effort, and the bridge an old gray wood. Then I heard: ‘Two of them can’t make it because they are inhalers,’ – a statement of the present situation, not a forecast. Then, a new bridge, seen so close to my eyes that I saw only the wood, a shiny yellow pine, satin smooth and fine. Though I couldn’t see it I knew the new bridge to be strong, unshakable and wider than the old. I woke up feeling good.”

Sally’s dream told me that the relationship of the Left Mediator and 3rd Depth wanted help to harmonize (3rd Depth: wind, wood, violent emotions), and directed me to the right sacrum and the coccyx as keys (the two projections). Ascending energy called for help (“the inhalers”). Utilizing a Right 2 Flow and working with the coccyx and sacrum helped free the pathway of her Left Mediator. (On page 43 of Text 2, I see the coccyx and sacrum are a bridge, harmonizing my 3rd Depth source with the 6th Depth Source.) Sally’s dream also told of regeneration on the invisible level, before her body showed visible signs of change. It spoke of Knowing – Seeing not with physical eyes, but through intuition (the sense of the 6th Depth) and through texture (vibration) of the Depths, as we hear them in the Pulse. Her 3rd Depth, once an old, gray wood was now saturated and regenerated by 6th Depth, and had changed to a shiny, new pine with the texture of silk with tone. As Sally continued to receive sessions (and use lots of self-help!), decades-old pains dissolved into a growing sense of peace.”

To be continued…

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